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I took the time this weekend to listen to Spotify's New Music Friday playlist in an effort to find some incredible new songs and artists. I always listen to the same songs on repeat every month and I wanted to find some new songs to add to my monthly playlists. I decided to share my top 10 favorites from this week below!

Every week, I will be ranking my top 10 favorite songs from the New Music Friday playlist. And, I will be adding all of the songs, along with some extras that did not make the top 10 list, to a playlist on my Spotify account. My Spotify account is “glechy.”

"Hit Different" by SZA feat. Ty Dolla $ign, The Neptunes

Let’s be honest, anything SZA is amazing. This song has a really chill vibe and is a great song to listen to regardless of what mood you are in. The song was a surprise release, and was written by Rob Bisel, Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Ty Dolla $ign, and SZA. 

"Lithuania" by Big Sean feat. Travis Scott 

This song is a new Big Sean and Travis Scott collaboration. Named after the European country, this track is largely about their travels around the world. Honestly, it's not one of my favorite Big Sean and Travis Scott songs, but the chill vibe of the song makes it worth listening to. It was written by Audio Anthem, Hit-Boy, Travis Scott, and Big Sean.

"Inhale" by Bryson Tiller

I am a huge Bryson Tiller fan, so this release was very exciting for me. Tiller also announced that he will be releasing a new album this year. Like many of the other songs of this list, "Inhale" is a slower, chill song. I enjoy listening to this track while doing homework because of its slow tempo and soothing sound. This track was written by Dpat and Bryson Tiller.

"A Little Bit Yourd" by JP Saxe

If you have been on the lookout for a new sad song, this is the perfect track for you. I am new to JP Saxe’s music, and this track has me wanting to listen to all of his music. His incredible vocals and lyrics tell a story of still being in love with someone and not being able to let go. It was written by JP Saxe, Ryan Marrone, and Benjamin Rice.

"Peddle Bike" by Mishaal

This track really surprised me. It is a short track at only 2 minutes and 17 seconds, but I really love the lyrics and general sound of this song. I had never heard of Mishaal, but I would highly recommend checking out his other music. This song was written by Mishaal.

"Next Girl" by Carly Pearce 

I know country is not everyone’s favorite, but I really enjoy a select few country songs. I was pleasantly surprised by this track. Pearce has an incredibly unique voice that perfectly matches this song. This track is essentially a warning to her ex’s new girlfriend. You should definitely check out this song because I love watching women in country kill it. It was written by Josh Osborne, Shane McAnally, Carly Pearce.

"Sittin In My Car" by DJ Envy feat. Fabolous, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

This is another chill song that you can listen to no matter what mood you are in. It is more upbeat than most of the other tracks on this list. This song was written by Fabolous, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, and DJ Envy. 

"Thinking" by ELLIANA

This is another incredibly talented artist that I had never heard of before. This is a track about a relationship beginning to crumble and fall apart. She has the prettiest voice, and I am truly obsessed with this song. It was written by ELLIANA.

"ZZZ's" by B.o.B. 

I had not listened to a B.o.B. song in years, but I do really enjoy this song. This track has a more futuristic sound. It is one of the songs featured on his new album Somnia. It was written by B.o.B.

"If We're Being Honest" by Novo Amor 

This last song is by another artist that I had never heard of before — Novo Amor. This track is yet another incredibly sad song that I am featuring on this list. His voice is so beautiful and fits this song perfectly. This song was written by Ed Tullett and Novo Amor. 

Make sure to check out these songs and more on the Spotify's New Music Friday playlist. For easy access, check out my ongoing playlist under the username “glechy.” 

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.
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