Grace’s New Music Roundup VIII

Welcome to another Grace’s New Music Roundup, where I pick my favorite songs from Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist! Keep reading if you need new music for your playlists, and as always, check out my “new music friday” playlist on my Spotify “glechy.”

  1. 1. “positions” by Ariana Grande

    I am a huge fan of Ariana Grande, so I was freaking out when she announced the release of a new single and album. I have been playing this new track on repeat since it came out, and it is by far my favorite on this list. I am confident that I will be obsessed with her new album that comes out later this week. This song was written by Ariana Grande, London on da Track, Killah B, James Jarvis, Angelina Barrett, TBHits, Mr. Franks, and Nija.

  2. 2. “Damage” by H.E.R.

    Book of Music in Leaves

    H.E.R. just does not make bad music. I am obsessed with this track. This song has very chill vibes; it is about being vulnerable with your partner and having an understanding that if things went wrong, you would be heartbroken. This new song was written by H.E.R., Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Tiara Thomas, Cardiak, and Ant Clemons.

  3. 3. “Forever After All” by Luke Combs

    electric jazz guitar

    If you are a fan of country music, this is a song you need on your playlists. I do like the occasional country song, but I am not usually a fan of Luke Combs’ music. However, I really love the sweet lyrics of this country song. It is definitely more upbeat than many of the other country songs I like. This track was written by Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher, Kieran Walsh, Rob Williford, and Drew Parker.

  4. 4. “distance” by Ruel

    A torn pink paper heart strung on white string with a black background.

    I have always really enjoyed Ruel’s music, and this song is no different. In fact, this may be one of my favorite Ruel songs. This track has a chill, sad vibe. Like the title suggests, this track is about keeping a distance from a former partner and trying not to express lingering feelings. It was written by Ruel, Sarah Aarons, and M-Phazes.

  5. 5. “Forgetting You” by Cam

    dark purple hues with microphone and drumset on the lower right

    I have been a fan of Cam’s music for a while now. She is the perfect artist for someone who does not like 99% of the country music on the charts. Her music is similar to Kacey Musgraves’ music in the sense that anyone can enjoy it. I am so excited about her new album, and I am obsessed with this new song! This track was written by Cam.

  6. 6. “Affection” by Fiji Blue

    drum set with LED lights

    I added a Fiji Blue song to a previous New Music Roundup, and that song made me more interested in their music. This song has a very chill, nostalgic feel. I love their music because it is perfect for any mood. This song in particular would be a great driving song. It was written by both members of Fiji Blue.

  7. 7. “Greyhound” by Ashton Irwin

    Bristol listen podcast music entertainment bristol

    I have been a major 5SOS fan for years, and I love every single one of their albums. When Ashton announced that he was creating a solo album, I was very surprised and not sure how I would feel about it. In all honesty, I was not a fan of his lead single “Skinny Skinny.” This track is one of the few songs from his new album that I actually really like. This specific track has a very similar sound to 5SOS’s most recent album. This track was written by Ashton Irwin.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s New Music Roundup! Again, if you like these songs, check out my “new music friday” playlist on my Spotify “glechy.”

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