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This may just be the best week yet!

“Now” —  Olivia O’Brien

Let it be known that I am an Olivia O’Brien stan. This song just came out, and I am already obsessed with it! This track was written by Tia Scola, Olivia O’Brien, Michael A M, Michel Rozenbroek, Maurice Huismans, JORRIT TER BRAAK, Johannes Kranenburg, Jae Green, 94Skrt, Giorgio Tuinfort, Edgar Robin Albers, and Akon.

“Mood Swings” (Remix) — Pop Smoke feat. Lil Tjay, and Summer Walker

This track is very different from the others on this list. In all honesty, this song has been stuck in my head because of TikTok, so I thought I had to add it to the list. This song was written by Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay, The Beat Menace, Blu June, Dizzy Banko, Brittany Coney, and Summer Walker.

“Diamonds” —  Sam Smith

I have not listened to Sam Smith in ages, and this track is very different from his old music. This new track is much more upbeat than many of my favorite Sam Smith songs. This track was written by Oscar Holter, Sam Smith, and Shellback.

“Agreeable” —  Cautious Clay

This track is the kind of song that fits any mood. I had never heard Cautious Clay’s music, but I am a big fan of this track. It was written by Cautious Clay.

“cowboy in LA” —  LANY

I have always loved LANY’s music, and this song is no different. It has a ~driving down a highway~ kind of vibe to it. This track was written by Sasha Sloan, Paul Klein, and King Henry.

“Waves” —  Fiji Blue

This track is more upbeat than many others on this list, but it also has a chill vibe. It has almost a nostalgic feeling. This song was written by Fiji Blue.

“Is It Just Me?” — Sasha Sloan

I have listened to Sasha Sloan’s music before. In fact, her song “Normal” is one of my favorite songs. This song gives me similar vibes and is a song that I really relate to. It was written by Sasha Sloan, Nicolle Galyon, and King Henry.

“Splinter” — MYRNE and salem ilese

This song is an upbeat bop about someone that is struggling to get over someone. This track was written by salem ilese, Nate Flaks, and MYRNE.

“It’s OK If You Forget Me” —  Astrid S

I have never listened to Astrid S’s music before, but I am in love with this song. This track is about someone who actually wants to feel pain after her relationship ends, but does not. This song was written by Svante Halldin, Jakob Hazell, Caroline Pennell, and Astrid S.

“Gone Too Soon” — Andrew Jannakos

I did not add a country song last week, but thought I should add one to this week’s list. I had never heard of Andrew Jannakos, but I really like this country bop. This track was written by Andrew Jannakos.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s New Music Roundup! Be sure to check out my New Music Friday on my Spotify. Again, my username is “glechy.”

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.
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