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The Godsend During Hell Week: Her Campus’ Finals Survival Kit

The most dreaded time of year has come: FINALS WEEK! We push our bodies to the limit, spending hours on end cramped in the library with a semester’s worth of notes and books, reducing our dinner to nothing but chips, sweets, and caffeine, and pulling extreme all-nighters that we never imagined were possible for any sane human being. And just when it seems it can’t get any worse, we have the oh so stressful task of figuring out how to fit in time for laundry and crafting some strategic plan to pack a month’s worth of clothes and necessities into one suitcase! Really life? Could you make things any harder for us?

Luckily, our friends and sponsors at Her Campus understand the collegiette struggle is real! With finals in action, they’ve decided to do what any finals God would do: send us a survival kit that would get us through this hell week! 

So take a study break to help us thank our wonderful sponsors once again! With the goodies they’ve sent, we know we’ll not only make it through finals week, but we’ll be sure to kick those finals in the…

Well, you know!

Without the proper fuel, studying for finals will be impossible! If your fridge is currently lacking, never fear, our sponsors are here! And they’ve brought the best of the best!

Chipotle: Once again, Chipotle graced us with coveted Buy One Get One Burrito Cards! So grab one from us when you’re ready to take that study break to chow down on a mouth-watering burrito at our Comm Ave. location. Umm, extra Guac, Please! And just when you thought Chipotle couldn’t get any better, they’ve released their Food with Integrity mission statement highlighting their efforts in using organic ingredients and use of more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant chain! We health freaks at BU can definitely appreciate finals food that’s delicious and good for us!

Kettle brand: You’d probably be turned off by how much Salt and Pepper Chips and Maple Bacon Popcorn HCBU has consumed during study period….until you try it for yourself! When you’re craving something salty with a hint of sweet, look for the Kettle Brand at Buick St. Market or your nearest CityCo.

LUNA: Nothing screams holiday season like LUNA’s Chocolate Peppermint Stick bars. It’s the perfect combination of dark chocolate and mint. With non-artificial and 70% organic ingredients, LUNA knows exactly what we need to keep a healthy body during the health deteriorating finals week!  These bars are high in calcium, rich in antioxidants, and even have high does of fiber and protein! If LUNA isn’t on your finals snack list, then you’re seriously cheating yourself.


We know you’ve been putting in countless man-hours preparing for exams. So treat yourself! With these retailers, you’ll definitely find the perfect pick-me-up to reward yourself after finals.

chain & charcoal: From chain & charcoal we’ve got the deal to have you leaving for winter break in style: $20 gift cards to order anything from their Her Campus inspired College Catwalk Collection. From statement necklaces that’ll command a room to delicate rings that’ll complete any look with class, chain & charcoal has what you’ll need to end your last week of the semester stylishly. 

BaubleBar: What’s not to love about BaubleBar. They’re trendy, yet affordable, making them a must have in any collegiette’s jewelry collection. Using the promo code HERCAMPUS, you can get 25% off of all their jewelry…Can you say online shopping study break?! Check back with us during the spring semester to find out how you can walk away with our adorable “I Can’t” BaubleBar alphabet bracelet!


Here at HCBU, we know that when we look good, we feel great! Boost your test taking confidence while completing your final by dressing to the nines in these brands:

Aritzia: This innovative women’s fashion boutique will take retail therapy to another level with their excellent design and quality. And with clothing and accessories at affordable prices, it can’t get any better than this! With the Aritzia gift cards we’ve received, HCBU will be happy to give you a shopping break, on us!

Cosabella: While you’re strutting in your new purchases from Aritzia you can’t forget about what’s underneath! We’ve got Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider panties and coupons from Cosabella so you’ll look fabulous underneath your winter layers. When you’re nestled in your seat for that Chem final, don’t forget: A good pair of undies can take a collegiette a long way.


We all make the mistake of putting our health last when it comes to finals week. But with help from our sponsors, we’ve never been more motivated to put ourselves first!

Cold-EEZE: Boston’s winter temps definitely take a toll on our health. And there’s nothing worse than getting sick while preparing for finals! But with Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu QuickMelts and Cold Remedy Plus Immune Support with Natural Enemy QuickMelts, we’ll be combatting that winter bug with ease. Lucky for you, HCBU has plenty of Cold-EEZE to share, so stop by when you’re feeling under the weather.

TRESemmé: The days of bumming it out during finals week are over! Runway ready hair will definitely give you that boost to power through finals week. So our friends at TRESemmé have given us travel sized hairsprays and 7 Day Keratin Smooth samples, perfect for travelling with us during our winter break excursions!  Visit youtube.com/TRESemmé for inspiring How-To’s and style ideas when using these products.

CamelBak: Hitting up FitRec may be the last thing on your mind as you prepare to take 3+ exams. But trust us when we say that exercise will give you the much-needed break you need to relieve stress and energize your body during this hectic time. Thanks to their fabulous Her Campus approved Eddy in baby pink, CamelBak has given us the push that’ll get us to the gym! Check back with us in the spring to learn how you can snag your own free, spill-proof and durable pink bottle.


Just when you thought the Her Campus Finals Survival Kit couldn’t get any better, our sponsors have given us one last motivator to power through finals week.

Bayer/Timeline Project: The Timeline project is an online tool that’s all about capturing your goals, zooming them into focus, prioritizing and making them actually happen. Look around your dorm’s study rooms and common areas to find the Timeline Project Zines lying around to give you inspiration. Also, visit the project online to get inspired, updated, and share as often as you want using #TheTimelineProject.


If there’s one thing we know at HCBU, it’s that we work best as a team. And with our amazing Her Campus sponsors teaming up to put together the perfect finals survival kit for us, we know we can make it through finals week! So join us in thanking them all, especially since we know you’ll be enjoying their goodies with us! Once again, we are ever so grateful!


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