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Girl World as Told by The Real Housewives

“Girl World”: noun. A world which revolves around girls and everything we do, think and say. “Girl World” is very complicated and many people can’t keep up with it without going absolutely insane. Here are some of the basic principles every girl should know, as told by our favorite women on television: The Real Housewives. 

1. Don’t be easy!

If you want a guy to like you for you, do not sleep with him without making him work for it at least a little! If you just want a FWB (Friend with Benefits) go for it, but when looking for a substantial relationship, don’t just give in because he’s dreamy.

2. If you’ve got it flaunt it!

If you choose to sleep around, own it! It’s your body and your choice! Women are frequently slut-shamed, but contrary to popular belief, we have the right to do whatever we want with our bodies – even if that means walking home at 7 am in last night’s dress.

3. Girls are brutally honest.

We’re not candy-coated princesses. We tell the truth no matter how painful. Trust us! Girls have no problem making their feelings known, so when a girl tells you she doesn’t like you…run!

4. Shopping addictions are real.

Girls really are addicted to shopping. It is not a myth, but it is a horrible habit that all girls encourage. If you’ve convinced your friend to buy that shirt because maybe she’ll want to wear it at some point, you’ve contributed to the issue. But hey, it could be worse. We could be addicted to hard core drugs, but instead we succumb to the pressure of fabulous sales.

5. Girlfriends are forever.

Boyfriends will come and go, but girlfriends are always there for you. They never get tired of your endless moaning and groaning, and who could want more than that? Every girl’s life goal consists of friendships as seen on Sex and The City and The Real Housewives (when they’re getting along, obviously). 

6. Stay loyal, no matter what.

Your girls are your girls for a reason – you genuinely like them. Girls can be fake, but stay away from any girl who goes around namecalling her “homegirl”. 

7. We’re tough cookies.

Girls have a reputation for being soft and emotional, when in actuality we’re tougher than most dudes. We get hate from people all day long, but we avoid it like the plague. And when we do hear it, we throw nothing but love back.

8. With that strength comes high stress.

If you see a girl with resting bitch face – run. We’re constantly stressed; it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. “Girl World” takes its toll on everyone and it can be dangerous. 

“Girl World” can be stressful, confusing, emotional and amazing all at once— it’s a whirlwind if anything. But if you take it one step at a time, you will find that us girls aren’t actually that complicated. 

Jamie is a freshman in the Boston University College of Communication with the intention of obtaining a degree in Journalism. Her main interests include beauty and lifestyle content, as she seeks to use her extensive knowledge in the beauty industry to help out other girls and spread self-confidence. She hopes to have a career in the magazine industry as a writer. If you can't find Jamie taking a nice, long stroll down Newbury with a Starbucks vanilla iced latte in hand, you'll be sure to find her sitting on BU Beach binge-watching Netflix. Follow Jamie on Instagram: @jamshore
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