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Girl Rising–A Recap


Sometimes, we get so caught up in our everyday lives, inside the college “bubble,” that we forget about the real world (thank gosh for study abroad!). Last Thursday I had the amazing opportunity to expand my mind outside of the bubble as I attended a screening of “Girl Rising” as presented by the Undergraduate Public Health Association and Her Campus BU. 

Presented by to 10×10 Campaign, a global campaign to educate and empower girls, “Girl Rising” is a film that spotlights the stories of nine girls as they struggle to achieve what so many of us take for granted–an education.

“After watching ‘Girl Rising,’ it made me appreciate my education a whole lot more and left me struggling to find a way that I could possibly help girls in developing countries,” said HCBU editor Kelsey Hopper (COM ’15).

Each of the nine stories was presented in a different artistic way, representing how each girl, and their story, is unique. Despite our distance and circumstances, there is something in each girl that is in all of us: the desire for a better life. I appreciate how GR informs it’s viewers about the stats around how important it is for girls to attend schools in developing countries and how that can save them ending up in violent situations.

If you missed our showing, Regal Cinemas has booked “Girl Rising” for a major theatrical release from April 19-25 in over 165 Regal Cinemas across the U.S. So make sure to see “Girl Rising,” you may find yourself connecting to a girl in a place as far away as Nepal. As Kid President says, “We’re all on the same team.

Elyssa is a "New Yourker" who has somehow ended up in Boston. She is currently studying journalism at Boston University and is excited to be the Campus Correspondent for the BU branch of Her Campus! She also enjoys theatre, frozen yogurt, and obsessively watching "Dancing with the Stars." When not doing any of above, she can be found quoting "Pirates of the Caribbean."
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