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Getting Involved on Campus with Kylie Graves

Kylie Graves is a junior at Boston University, and she is very involved on campus and has several leadership roles. If you are interested in becoming more involved on BU’s campus and learning about Kylie’s involvement specifically, keep reading to see what advice she has to give.

Q: What BU clubs/organizations are you involved in?

A: I’m the President of Best Buddies, Co-Captain of Varsity Women’s Rowing, Co-President of Abilities, and a member of Dean’s Host.

Q: How has your involvement in these clubs/organizations impacted your college experience?

A: Getting involved on campus has really given me the chance to try new things and feel like a bigger part of the BU community. Both Best Buddies and rowing have brought me a lot of joy and given me much-needed study breaks. I have met so many amazing people and really found friends outside of my classes with different interests and future goals.

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Q: Has your involvement in these clubs/organizations impacted your future life and career goals? Why or why not?

A: Best Buddies is a club that I participated in during high school and have continued to participate in during college. I am really interested in becoming a developmental pediatrician to work with families that have kids with disabilities. Best Buddies is a club that brings me a lot of joy and continues to teach me and help me grow as a person. Abilities is a club that I helped co-found that emphasizes advocacy and amplifying the voices of those in the disability community. This club is a passion project that has helped me develop as a leader and an ally. Because of both of these clubs, I feel better prepared to work in the medical field and with individuals with disabilities.

Q: Did joining these clubs/organizations help you create a sense of belonging at BU? Why or why not?

A: Absolutely! I have found some of my best friends through the clubs and organizations I have joined at BU. I have lived with people I met on the rowing team for the past two years. Through the other clubs that I participate in, I have made new friends that I see all over campus, which makes the BU community feel smaller and more personal. It is so fun running into people all over campus that you know from the different organizations that you’re a part of. It’s also really fun to support those friends in their other clubs and organizations since it exposes you to new opportunities and communities on campus.


Q: What leadership skills have you developed by holding leadership positions in these clubs/organizations?

A: I am learning how to communicate better with large groups of people and how to really manage my time. As someone who has to make sure all meetings are planned, all members know that the meetings are happening, and that everyone feels like a valued member of the organization, there are a lot of moving parts that I have to try to keep track of. I am surrounded by amazing e-board members and co-captains that help make these clubs and organizations run seamlessly. I am really lucky to be surrounded by so many other amazing leaders that have taught me so much and helped me improve my skills. I am becoming more comfortable leading large meetings and learning to adapt with all of the craziness going on.

Q: What advice would you give students who want to get involved in more clubs and organizations at BU?

A: Try new things! I had never rowed before I got to BU and it has become such an important part of my college experience. I have learned so much about myself by following my passions and getting involved in things that really mean a lot to me. Even if something seems strange or out of your comfort zone, if you are interested in it, you should try it! There are so many different clubs at BU and there truly is something for everyone. Keep searching until you find that organization that you truly love and an amazing community of people will come with it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Kylie’s involvement on BU’s campus and will take her advice on how to get more involved in student organizations and clubs!

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.
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