Getting Back on Track After Spring Break

It's our second week back after spring break and it's finally starting to feel like we're back into our routine. After the sun, sleep, relaxation and fun of break it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. Before break, its usually midterm stress and craziness; so after break your motivation naturally starts to slip. Bu now is the time to get yourself ready and back in the game for the end of second semester. Whether graduation is quickly approaching or you'll be heading into your next year here at BU, it's really important to finish the semester as strong as you started it. Consider these 6 steps and get yourself back on track and ready to finish out the spring:

1. Get Reorganized: organize your notes, notebooks, handouts and folders. Write down things you need to remember on sticky notes, color code your classes, and organize notes into “before midterm” and “after midterm” sections.  

2. Clean Things Up: clean up your room, your desk, your apartment and your overall living space. Surrounding yourself with a clean and put-together environment will help you get things done and keep on track.

3. Get Help Where You Need It: when you get your midterm papers and exams back, look into the topics where you were struggling. Now is the time to get the help you need on those subjects that still just aren’t sticking. Heading to your TF or professor’s office hours now will really benefit you for the final. 

4. Get Back Into Classes: if before break you were starting to slack on that 8am class, optional discussion section or boring lecture, start going again. Reward yourself with a coffee on your way there or on your way home and get back on track. Once the final comes around you’ll be glad you went to them.

5.  Make Plans: look ahead in class syllabi and write down important dates and assignments coming up. Make plans for the coming weeks for when you plan to start that paper, make that study guide and finish those assignments. With a plan laid out in front of you, you’ll never be cramming, or trying to squeeze in a paper last minute that you forgot about.

6. Stop Procrastinating: with your plans for the rest of the semester’s assignments laid out in front of you, start chipping away at them. Tell yourself to stop putting things off and get things done early and take your time doing them. The quality of your work will be so much  better when you aren’t rushing last minute and aren’t stressed about getting things done late!