The Frank Scrub Phenomenon: What You Need to Know About This Popular New Beauty Trend


Who ever knew coffee felt so good? Frank Scrub, the extremely popular beauty trend that is sweeping across the globe, stands by giving you your best skin ever.

             How is it different from every other scrub on the market, you may ask. Frank Scrub is not merely a beauty commodity, but is the result of cultivated care and science. The product is an all-natural exfoliator made from fresh coffee and a range of other natural ingredients. Frank Scrub targets tough skin issues including cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, acne and psoriasis. As a natural exfoliator, the ground coffee beans are a great remedy to sloughing off dry skin and targeting impurities. Infused with a variety of oils, including almond, coconut, grapeseed, and macadamia, this product includes essential vitamins and antioxidants to provide your skin with a healthy, hydrated glow, as well as natural astringents to tighten the skin and cure acne.


       The Frank Scrub line is composed of three different scrubs all featuring ground coffee: Original, Coconut and Grapeseed, and Cacao. The Original blend additionally includes sweet almond, orange and “lots of other good stuff.” This scrub is perfect for smoothing imperfections and moisturizing and toning skin, working wonders from the outside in. The orange also adds a nice after-scent. The Coconut and Grapeseed Frank Scrub is packed with, you guessed it, coconut and grapeseed. This scrub provides extra hydrating effects, while again toning and smoothing out skin. Finally, the Cacao Frank Scrub features a blend of cacao and other nourishing elements including brown sugar, sea salt and macadamia oil. This deep-cleansing variation tones and refines while soothing and moisturizing.

            The man after which the company is named for, Frank, remains elusive, but we do know that the product is based in Melbourne, Australia. Since its creation, Frank Scrub has garnered worldwide success, proving that it is a scrub for nearly every consumer. Frank works well with all skin types and produces results even after the first use, leaving skin instantly feeling smoother and more hydrated. The scrubbing process is also extremely simple: first, jump in the shower to dampen your skin, generously applying Frank to your body (focusing on problem areas), and then rinse off the scrub after letting it dry for five to ten minutes. Frank scrub should be applied two to four times a week regularly for the best results.

            As if it couldn't get any better, Frank is “vegan” and non-animal tested. In fact, the site claims to only test on “willing human babes.” And in this department, there is no short supply. With its high demand and customer satisfaction, the company receives countless “before and after” photographs of consumers who use Frank Scrub, flaunting newly healthy and glowing skin. These photos can be viewed on Frank's Instagram page, “frankfeedback,” and attest to the wonders of this phenomenal scrub. Other users post quirky photos of themselves decked out head to toe in Frank Scrub, following the product's mantra of “getting dirty to get clean.”

            Each Frank Scrub product is individually packed and prices range from $14.95 for the Original, $16.95 for the Cacao blend, and $17.95 for the Coconut and Grapeseed blend. While these prices won't break your bank, you can also try some comparable DIY recipes right in your own dorm room. Check out this DIY recipe for some Frank Scrub fun:

            With its suave persona (the front page of the website displaying the words: “Hey babe. I'm Frank Coffee Scrub.”) and catchy slogans including “Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean,” Frank Scrub charms its way into your home through its quality, wit and mass appeal.