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Food Truck Fridays: La Tour Eiffel by Paris Creperie

Serving up both savory and sweet crepes, la Tour Eiffel is Boston’s first crepe food truck. On Mondays and Tuesdays from 3-11pm la Tour Eiffel is parked on BU’s campus at St. Mary’s and Commonwealth Ave.

I took my first trip to the la Tour Eiffel food truck after deciding to indulge and treat myself to dessert on Monday night.

In true Parisian fashion, the food truck is pink and is adorned with black artistic silhouettes and French postmarks, a great reminder that the crepe is more than just a thin pancake, but a part of French cuisine.

The food truck serves up four savory crepe options including, Rosemary Chicken, Ham & Brie, Lili’s Love, and the Mediterranean. They all looked wonderful, but I couldn’t resist the idea of trying one of their sweet crepes. I decided on the Butter & Brown Sugar crepe with strawberries, but la Tour Eiffel was also serving up a Brie & Apple crepe and a Nutella crepe. Bananas, strawberries, or blueberries could be added to the sweet crepes for additional $1 charge.

The savory crepes were priced fairly reasonably at $8 and the sweet crepes ranged in price from $5-$8.

Not only was the Butter & Brown Sugar crepe affordable, it was delicious too. The crepe itself was fantastic, cooked perfectly, leaving it both soft and flakey. It was buttery and had the perfect added crunch from the crystallized brown sugar. The strawberries were warm and perfectly complemented the crepe.

Each crepe is served in a white cardboard cone, making on the go food truck style eating easy and convenient.

Although I didn’t try them this time, la Tour Eiffel also serves up a frozen Nutella hot chocolate and a “Mango Smashin” smoothie with peaches and strawberries. Needless to say, this won’t be my last visit to the la Tour Eiffel food truck.

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