Food Review: Cafe SuSu

Aside from the multitude of bookstores, restaurants, and shops dotting the busy street of Newbury, another notable feature is the variety of cafes. There are the typical chains like Starbucks and Pavement, but if you’re looking for something new to try, hit up Cafe Susu.

Image Credit: Julie Schubert

Located underneath SuitSupply on the corner street of Newbury and Fairfield, this small café is a quaint, stylish place to study. From the green leather couch to the black and white pinwheel tables with gold accents, the interior design of the cafe is clean and cohesive. The walls are decorated with green, leafy wallpaper and adorned with artistic ceramic plates, color coordinating with the furniture while also serving as an aesthetic backdrop for all your Instagram needs. 

Image Credit: Maeve 

The menu has an impressive selection of drinks to choose from ranging from coffee to tea as well as a nice array of alcoholic beverages. Another cute thing is that every drink comes with a small chai cookie that adds a little spice to a warm, comforting latte. If you’re still feeling a bit peckish, the café has also an assortment of pastries on display in glass containers that vary depending on the day. My go-to order here is a matcha latte and a blueberry lemon scone served with clotted cream and jam. Ever since I’ve had actual scones and clotted cream from London, I’ve been scouting out a place to get my English pastry fix. It seemed hopeless until I came across Cafe Susu, and now it’s safe to say this place has won over my heart and my taste buds. Full disclaimer though, the scones are only served on Mondays so I make it a habit to stop by the cafe after class to get some work done and have a treat. 

The service here is always great and  I’m always greeted warmly every time I walk down the steps to the cafe. Depending on what time you arrive, the seating can be limited due to the size of the café, but if you’re able to, people come and go within a half-hour, so you can normally relocate to more comfortable seating. I highly recommend any café connoisseur take a trip to this trendy little spot and experience it for yourself. The moment you put in your earphones and take a sip of a warm drink, you’ll never want to leave. 

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