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Five Trends Coming Back That Just Shouldn’t

It is very typical in the fashion world for trends to re-emerge. Sometimes this is awesome—other times, not so much. Here are five trends that are attempting to come back in style that maybe just… shouldn’t.


Lizzie McGuire frequently rocked this style on the hit 00’s Disney show. The trend is starting to come back, this time in the form of a thin black string with some sort of pendant in the middle. An interesting twist—but would H. Duff approve?


Plaid constantly goes in and out of style. Cher is famous for wearing a bright-yellow plaid skirt suit in Clueless. Kate Spade launched an entire plaid collection for Fall 2015—plaid bags, plaid coats, plaid shoes—it’s total overkill, and frankly, unoriginal. Even the fabulous Karlie Kloss can’t help this trend

Everyday Gloves

Remember in 2004 when the hottest accessory was a pair of gloves from Limited Too? Specifically, in a matching shirt-glove set that probably had some sort of animal and bright colors on it? Well, the trend is back, only this time, the gloves are mostly leather, and cover the entire hand rather than just a thumb slit. Prada recently featured this look on the runway, but will it catch on to mainstream fashion?

The Mini Skirt

Almost every outfit in Mean Girls consisted of a mini skirt. Not only will this trend spark dress code debates (mini skirts aren’t allowed in school, yet the cheerleader's barley-there bottoms are okay?), it also isn’t the most flattering of skirt silhouettes. Saint Laurent debuted the look for fall, but instead of girly, the designer has opted for a more grunge look—another 90s trend that does not need to resurface.


Perhaps the most unflattering (yet undeniably comfy) style is slowly making its comeback. Ponchos were a great way to stay comfy and warm, but on the downside, it’s about as flattering as wearing a potato sack.


Olivia Shur is a student at Boston University. She enjoys food, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and watching cat videos when she really should be studying. She is a PR major in the College of Communication.
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