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Five Stationary Supplies to Add Some Pizzazz to Your Notes

With midterms looming over your head and readings piling one on top of the other, it’s easy to feel frazzled and overwhelmed. Which subject do you study for first? How are you going to take notes from your chemistry textbook? Where do you start with your reading for your Shakespeare class? But have no fear! Awesome stationary supplies are here! Here are five stationary supplies that are sure to make your next study session much more bearable and your notes gorgeous pieces of art:


1. A set of highlighters that will be the highlight of your study session!

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Unlike most highlighters with colors so bright you need to wear sunglasses just to look at them, the Uni Highlighter Propus Window Soft Color Set uses pastel colors that are bright enough to highlight important information but clear enough to see the highlighted words. The coolest part? These highlighters have two tips: a broad tip with a window perfect for highlighting long lines of text and a pen-like tip perfect for underlining and jotting down some notes. Highlighting with these will be like wielding a double bladed lightsaber. Get these awesome highlighters on Amazon here!


2. A post-it note that doubles as a divider? Um, yes please!

Photo Credit: Amazon

With the Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes, it’s easy to distinguish your notes for chapter 1 of your biology textbook from your notes for chapter 2. The different colors for each different tab help organize sections in a way that’s both easy to use and ueasy to nderstand your notes. What’s even better is these tabs are large enough for you to scribble down some key points from each section. This makes it easier for those moments when you’re frantically flipping through your notes before the test to find that one section you need help with. Check out these cool sticky notes on Amazon here!


3. A set of notebooks with pages so smooth you’ll start to love handwriting your notes!

Photo Credit: Muji

The Muji B5 notebooks have been all the rage for a reason! The pages in these notebooks are smooth and durable, allowing your hand and pen to glide along as smoothly as a figure skater on ice. Not only that, the pages aren’t too thick but are thick enough to prevent any bleeding. So next time you have to write and highlight some notes, you won’t have to worry about your notes looking like confetti has been dumped all over them when you write them down in these notebooks. You can get a set of five for $3.50 at the Muji store on Newbury Street or online here!


4. A set of cute gel pens to make your notes studygram worthy!

From purple to light green, each and every pen in this gel pen set has its own color which will make it easy for color coding and annotating your next long reading in different colors. The adorable designs on the pen will motivate you to pick one up and start writing away. What’s more, these pens come in a hard case that you can carry around with you anywhere without having to worry about pens spilling out in your bag. Get a set for yourself on Amazon here!


5. A set of washi tape that is out of this world!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Washi tapes aren’t just good for making things look pretty; they’re also useful in organizing your notes. You can use these washi tapes in a bunch of different ways, from underlining headers to separating one section from another on the same page. These washi tapes will help make your notes aesthetically pleasing to the point where you can’t stop looking at your notes in admiration. Get this gorgeous set of washi tape at Amazon here!


With these stationary supplies, you’ll be able to take your notes to the next level and leave your friends in wonder the moment they glance at your notes. Happy note taking!


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Emily is currently a junior at Boston University studying English and English Education. In addition to her love for reading and writing, she has an unhealthy obsession with cute desserts and graphic tee shirts. When she's not typing away on her laptop, you can find her cafe hunting, bopping to music, or doodling.
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