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It’s one of the biggest questions that our generation faces—what show are we going to watch next? With cable, YouTube, and dozens of streaming services at our fingertips, we have a lot to choose from. Picking a new show is a commitment, so why not dive back into some oldies but goodies? Read on for five shows that are totally worth re-watching.

New Girl

New Girl was always there when you needed a laugh, and it is sure to do it again! The characters in this show become your friends as you watch—it’s like you are living in the loft with them. After all, everyone needs a bit of Jessica Day in their lives. If you are ever feeling down or just looking for a good laugh, New Girl is the show to turn on. One piece of advice though: if you’re just flipping through random episodes, do not choose the last one of each season—they are sure to make you cry.

Spongebob Squarepants

Growing up is stressful, and there is no better way to feel young again than by rewatching your favorite Spongebob episodes. We all have them, and sometimes we forget how funny that little yellow sponge actually was. This is one of my favorites when I’m feeling nostalgic for my childhood days!


This is an obvious one. Just as it says in the theme song, Friends will always be there for you. You can watch the same episode thousands of times, and you’ll still ask yourself if Ross and Rachel were on a break. There is nothing more comforting than rewatching a Friends episode and listening to the sweet sounds of Phoebe playing her guitar.

Parks and Recreation

Another show that never gets old, Parks and Rec will always make you laugh. If you are looking for motivation, Leslie Knope is your gal. She will never fail to impress you and make you feel empowered, and who doesn’t need that extra boost of encouragement as we approach finals week?

Saturday Night Live

SNL is a great show for rewatching because it is constantly changing. Obviously, the purpose of this show is to make you laugh as well. I recommend rewatching the old episodes of Saturday Night Live. There’s nothing better than the original skits—they’ll have you rolling on the floor in laughter.

Now throw on some sweats, jump into bed, and get watching! And if you have never seen these shows, then now is a perfect time to start. They are worth the commitment, and you can commit over and over and over again—these are the shows that will truly never get old.


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Emma is an English major at Boston University. She hopes to have a novel published and write for a sketch comedy show one day. In her free time she reads, writes, and paints. She loves to make people laugh and fully believes in aliens.
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