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Five Rom-Coms That Are Seriously Underrated

It’s the final week of my freshman year at BU, and it looks nothing like what I thought it would. Exploring sunny Boston, going to fun parties, and saying goodbye to new friends has been replaced by sitting around my house, having Zoom gatherings with my friends, and watching an endless amount of movies. And as sad as it is that we cannot all be leading our amazing college lives right now, we can use this time to do something else that we have not had the time to do with our busy schedules: binge-watch all the movies we can. So, I’ve put together a list of 5 rom-coms that I think are seriously underrated. Let me know if you agree!

Leap Year

I seriously don’t know why this movie doesn’t get more attention. Amy Adams and Matthew Goode come together for a feel-good movie about a woman (Amy Adams) who travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on February 29. But before she can propose, she runs into Matthew Goode’s character and they encounter various obstacles on their way to Dublin to find her boyfriend. This movie is just so great, and it always picks up my mood.


If you’ve seen the Bewitched series, you’ll be familiar with this one. This movie follows Nicole Kidman’s character, a real-life witch who ironically gets cast in a reboot of Bewitched as Samantha (also a witch). The plot also follows Will Ferrell’s character (who plays Darrin in the reboot) and his relationship with Kidman’s character. They begin to fall in love, but will she tell him that she’s actually a real-life witch? Watch this movie to find out!

Just Like Heaven

I absolutely adore this movie, and I feel like no one knows about it. Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo are so good in this movie. Here is the basic sum-up of the plot: Reese Witherspoon’s character is a doctor who gets in a sudden car crash and ends up in a coma. Mark Ruffalo’s character is somehow the only one who can still see her, even when she’s not physically there. They both try to figure out how to save her life before it’s too late. I’m sure you’re intrigued by now, so go watch it!

Made of Honor

For the amount of people who love “McDreamy,” you would think more people would have seen this movie. Yet every time I ask someone if they’ve seen it, they always say no. This movie follows Patrick Dempsey’s character, who is asked to be the maid of honor for his best friend’s wedding, even though he is a guy (thus the title “Made of Honor”). Dempsey’s character says yes, despite him actually being in love with his best friend. This movie, set in Scotland, is just the right pick-me-up for these dreary days.

Kate & Leopold

Arguably one of Meg Ryan’s best movies (except, of course, for her movies with Tom Hanks). The plot of this one is rather interesting–Hugh Jackman, an esteemed figure and eligible bachelor from the late 1800s, travels in time to the future and meets Meg Ryan, a modern-day executive from the 21st century. We see the two characters fall in love as Hugh Jackman tries to navigate contemporary life and Meg Ryan tries to see the world from a new perspective. This is definitely a must-see for any rom-com lover.

So, make your day in quarantine a little brighter by watching these feel-good movies! Let me know if you think these movies are as underrated as I think they are—they deserve to be seen.

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