Five Places to Visit for Spring Break

Spring Break is supposed to be the one vacation that you and your college friends can travel alone for the first time, have unsupervised fun, and experience crazy adventures. However, while it is easy to spontaneously shout out, “Let’s go to the Caribbean!” or “Oh my god, we’re totally going to Europe together!” it is a lot harder to execute the plans and put together a successful trip. Below are five realistic, popular, and fun spots you and your friends should consider this Spring Break to help you get started.


Explore a different side of Canada that encompasses rich history, culture, and fun! Montreal is where you can practice your French without flying to France. It is a popular destination that’s easily accessible – Amtrak, bus, or by plane. While you’re there: explore Old Montreal architecture, grab a drink at a Downtown bar, and visit some art museums.


Miami Beach

$70 round trip tickets from Boston to Miami? What’s a better deal than that? Have fun without leaving the country and party it up with your friends! Be sure to rent a beach house instead of a hotel to save money!



The all time college student classic. But just because it’s a popular choice doesn’t make Cancun any less ideal. Escape the Boston snow and lay on the beautiful Cancun beaches. If you hate planning, there are hundreds of affordable packages online that literally plan out everything for you!


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known for its friendliness and amazing hospitality. This island has a plethora of upscale hotels and resorts and is excited to have you! It’s easy to get to and there are many deals out there right now!


New York City

Yes, yes, NYC is not exactly the most exotic location for Spring Break, but it’s a realistic option. Start with an Afternoon brunch, go on a city excursion Downtown in the afternoon, catch a fancy dinner, and then enjoy the city lights and night life. NYC never gets old, and you’ll definitely have a great time with your friends!