Five Other Things To Do On MarMon That Aren't Partying

Spring semester at BU can sometimes feel painfully eternal. Because our spring break is only a week long and super early in the semester, most of March until May is an extremely long and busy home stretch. That is why we are blessed with the existence of Patriots' Day! More commonly known as Marathon Monday (MarMon if you’re trendy), this is usually the last free day of the semester. Most people choose to take advantage of the nice weather by indulging in day parties (darties if you’re hip). But, if partying isn’t your jam, fear not! There are still some ways to enjoy your glorious day off.

1. Watch the marathon. 

You may think that this event is just another race that just guilts you into a trip to the gym. Well, think again! The Boston Marathon is such a great source of pride and celebration in the city. It champions skilled runners, the beauty of Boston, and most importantly the survivors and victims of the 2013 bombing. So flaunt your greatest Boston Strong gear and find a spot to watch the action. I suggest up in Brookline near St. Mary’s Street or even going toward the Common if you’re up early enough!

2. Grab some brunch. 

Monday holidays in Boston usually means that most restaurants extend their brunch policy an extra day. Whether you’re a big stan of brunch culture or you have never participated in its extravagance, this a day you can easily use to pop off! Grab some besties, find a spot (hopefully with a view of the race), and munch away.

3. Watch a movie.

This might sound too simplistic for a city student like yourself, but trust me: everyone needs to watch a movie “the old-fashioned” way once in a while. With Fenway Regal theater right there, MarMon would be a great day to pick something good (I suggest Love, Simon), prepare some snack money, and make a day out of it. If you’re feeling fancy, go for two movies!

4.Watch a Red Sox game.

America’s greatest pastime is also going on during Patriots’ Day! The Red Sox are challenging the Baltimore Orioles around 11 AM, which is guaranteed to be a fun and festive day. There is a range of tickets that could definitely fit into your budget and so much to see within the actual park. So get your navy and red together and go cheer on our team!

5. Sleep in.

This is the time of the year where everyone is running on caffeine and the hope that summer brings. Give yourself a break and just rest! Don’t set an alarm, make sure there is nothing possible to wake you up, and just sleep.

Mar Mon is a day of celebration, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean partying. As long as you’re doing something for you, this last holiday won’t go to waste.


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