Finals Week, as Told by Fight Club

The first rule of finals is you don’t talk about finals. But we’re going to do it anyway.

1. When the professor tells you the class has a final paper and a final test

2. When you pretend like you've got it all together but really have no clue what you're doing

3. When you try to review a giant pile of notes in the library but can't make yourself focus

4. When you've pulled 3 all-nighters in a row to try to memorize an entire semester's worth of material

5. When you tell yourself not to worry because the test is going to be curved

6. When you go to office hours for the first time all semester and hope you can gain some sympathy from your professor

7. When you finally accept there's nothing else you can do to prepare but just accept your fate

8. When you wonder if it's possible to get excused from the exam if you get sent to student health services


9. When you walk into the room on exam day totally ready for everything to be over

10. When the exam is passed out and the entire class realizes it's nothing like what was on the syllabus

11. When you turn in your exam booklet and walk out of the classroom feeling a sudden rush of freedom

12. And when you forget all about school until the final grades are released next week