A Few Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room this Holiday Season

Ahhh, Christmas! It’s right around the corner, and whether you’re religious, don’t celebrate Christmas, or just enjoy the hot chocolate, the month of December and the holiday season, is generally one of the best times of the year. I’m used to being at home for the whole season and taking part in the house decorating, but sadly while away from home, it can be kind of difficult to do so.

If you haven’t decorated your room yet because you strictly observe Thanksgiving (I do this too!), here are some ways to spruce up your room and keep you cheery for the rest of the semester while you get ready for finals (oh-no!). 

  1. 1. Spruce up your door with some simple wrapping paper.

    Wrapping paper is cheap and is fairly easy to decorate with. Not only will it liven up your hallway with gold, green, and red paper hung on your door, but even encourage your neighbors to do so as well. Maybe even add some glitter or a wreath!

  2. 2. Get your own tree.

    Since most rooms lack the luxury of space, consider getting a small tree to put on your windowsill, or desk. You can find some tinsel, glitter, or tiny ornaments to decorate it to remind you that even in the city, you are never too far away from a (fake) tree.

  3. 3. String some holly or lights.

    This can liven up any dark dorm room, especially when you just want to study under some nice string lights instead of the university provided LED lights. You can get them with different colors that will work year-round — trust me, once they’re up you won’t want to take them down. If you already have too many lights as it is, maybe try some holly or some decorations of your own.

  4. 4. Ransack your Christmas storage at home.

    While you’re at home for Thanksgiving, you might find some of your favorite Christmas decorations — maybe it’s that wreath that you put on your bedroom door at home or the little Christmas gnomes that you’ve had since you started walking. If you start putting up Christmas decorations while you’re still at home for Thanksgiving, it won’t hurt to take a peek at some fond Christmas mementos that can be your bit of Christmas that you take with you everywhere you go (like college).

  5. 5. Go see Christmas displays for some more inspiration.

    Nearly every store I’ve walked into for the past month had their Christmas displays out, giving me more ideas on how to decorate my room as well as spend all my money in the process. Some stores that have some affordable Christmas decorations include Flying Tiger, Primark, and Target.

So get ready for Christmas with these decorating tips, and treat yourself to a cup of peppermint hot chocolate, some Christmas tunes, and start decorating!


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