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The Female TV Character Who Shares Your Amazing Zodiac Vibes

This could totally be a me thing, but I wish there was a Co-Star just for TV characters. There are some shows I watch where I just KNOW I would be friends with the lead — or sworn enemies. Or, when I see myself in a character, I try my best to find out if they’re really a Pisces like I expect (and tbh hope) they are.

While this list doesn’t spell out your entire compatibility chart, it at least will give you a little insight into a female character who matches you in some ways. I hope you learn from their mistakes — or maybe you’re encouraged to make the same ones!

Capricorn: Maeve Wiley from “Sex Education”

Maeve reminds me of a Capricorn for quite a few reasons. One of the benchmarks of a Capricorn is their perseverance through emotional turmoil, which Maeve has had her fair share of her entire life. This can cause Caps to “age backwards,” as Maeve shows by learning to shake free some of the responsibilities she’s had since childhood. Capricorns are also represented by the “devil” card, making Maeve the troublemaker rebel-with-a-cause we know and love. This sign is very hardworking, but much like the struggles Maeve and Otis have, it is important to not just treat your friends and family like employees, but rather make meaningful emotional connections with them as well.

Aquarius: Penelope Garcia from “Criminal Minds”

If you were one of the many people who binged Criminal Minds in quarantine then a) welcome to the club and b) I know you have a soft spot in your heart for the lovable weirdo that is Penelope Garcia. Penelope has a penchant for colorful wardrobe items, a wild collection of chachkis on her desk, and an overall irresistibly eccentric energy. She exemplifies the quirkiness that is the pillar of Aquarian traits, as well as being super tech-savvy, another trait of the sign. Aquarians are the most humanitarian of all the signs, but like Penelope, it’s important to remember that as much as you want to save the world from every bad thing, it’s not always possible to do so.

Pisces: Nini Salazar-Roberts from “High School Musical: The Musical”

As a Pisces myself, it was hard to choose a character that I think represents the objectively superior zodiac. But Nini (and the ridiculously talented Olivia Rodrigo who plays her) both have major Pisces vibes. Pisces are a day-dreamy sign, prone to romantic minds and empathetic hearts. And while Pisces are compassionate to a fault, they also hold massive grudges — like that whole slow burn with Ricky for an entire season. I mean, have you heard the song “All I Want”? Massive Pisces energy.

Aries: Emily Cooper from “Emily in Paris”

Emily is a total Aries in that, like you, she is fearless in her ambition and leadership. Emily moves to Paris knowing no French, but blind optimism and a boatload of confidence somehow make it work. Everyone around you admires your headstrong determination, but be careful with your tendency to leap before you think, ma cherie.

Taurus: Julie Molina from “Julie and the Phantoms”

First of all, this show is absolutely adorable, and you should go binge it right now if you like cheesy, fun musicals. Julie, the show’s fiercely talented lead, is a Taurus for many reasons. Tauruses are a naturally musical sign, and Julie and her ghost boyband make some incredible music (stream “Unsaid Emily” for clear skin). Julie is also shy at first, but opens up to people she feels close to. Dear Taurus, don’t be afraid to stand out, because you’re meant to be a star. (And also PLEASE stop being so stubborn. We’re begging.)

Gemini: Summer Roberts from “The O.C.”

Summer Roberts was the blueprint for so many of the most boss ladies on our televisions today. Summer’s constant switching from mean girl to compassionate friend makes her both an iconic character and a complete Gemini. Gemini is also an incredibly intellectual sign, and Summer is incredibly smart, no matter how hard she fights to hide that fact. Like Summer, you’re probably a social chameleon and able to move on from awkward and embarrassing situations easily. Just remember that while wearing many faces can be perceived as a skill, it is also important to be true to yourself at the end of the day. 

Cancer: Kiara Carerra from “Outer Banks”

Cancers are a water sign, so it really only makes sense that your sign aligns with the queen of the Pogues. Kiara is a fiercely loyal friend to the people she loves, but is often hard to get to know by people outside her core circle. Cancers are a deeply emotional and intuitive sign, much like how Kiara is always the first to sense when something is wrong with the guys. While everyone around you appreciates how nurturing you are, make sure you take the time to care for yourself as well.

Leo: Veronica Mars from “Veronica Mars”

First of all, if you haven’t watched Veronica Mars, definitely go do that. The reason this show is so good is its fierce leader — the confident, quick-witted leading lady herself. Like a true Leo, Veronica is brave (hello teenage private eye?), ambitious, and totally independent. However, Leos are also drama magnets, especially when it comes to romantic relationships (like Veronica’s whole dating her best friend’s brother and then his best friend thing). Leos are the royalty of the zodiacs though, so just know you and my favorite marshmallow are total queens.

Virgo: Rue Bennett from “Euphoria”

Euphoria does explicitly tell us that September baby Rue is a Virgo, but the show also lets us know through our girl’s actions too. Rue is super loyal to her friends, sometimes dangerously so. She is meticulous and detail-oriented, but like a Virgo her hyper-focus can often leave other aspects of her life to fall apart. In relationships, Virgos set out to fix and mend, which is apparent in the #Rules romance. Like Rue, it is important for you Virgos to learn to embrace your flaws and not try to fix every tiny issue in your lives.

Libra: Rory Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls”

Not only is Rory literally a Libra, thanks to her October birthday, but her character has many traits of a Libra as well. Rory has trouble expressing her emotions and finding out what she really wants (like when she got into her dream school and… left). Rory’s also a romantic at heart, and she will never settle for anything less than a fairytale love story. Libra’s are patient and kind, but remember that it’s okay to speak out for what you want at the end of the day.

Sagittarius: Devi from “Never Have I Ever”

Sagittarius is known as the comedian of the zodiac, and Devi leads her show with a clumsy awkwardness that is both hilarious and endearing. Sagittarius is a magnetic sign for platonic and romantic connections, which explains Devi’s position in the center of an iconic love triangle. Like Devi, you may be a bit of a know-it-all and as hard as it may be to put it into practice, it is important to keep that razor-sharp tongue and wit in check.

Scorpio: Blair Waldorf from “Gossip Girl”

The queen of the Upper East Side, Blair Waldorf, is absolutely a Scorpio. Scorpios are known for immense power and overwhelming passion. But the symbol of the Scorpio is a scorpion for a reason, as they’re quick to let people feel their venom through manipulation and meanness. Oftentimes though, a Scorpio like Blair is just willing to do whatever it takes to get to her end goal. Just remember that not every person you meet is a stepping stone to your goal, no matter how much you want whatever you’re chasing.

I hope you found something you could relate to in the leading lady that matched your sign (or at least a new show to binge?). Remember though, as much as it may seem these traits are written in the stars — *wink* — being true to yourself is the best option of all.

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Grace is a senior at BU studying PR and minoring in Film and TV. She loves reading YA novels, watching (and screenwriting) rom-coms, baking new recipes, and convincing herself that One Direction is reuniting soon.
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