Fall to Winter Lookbook: 5 Outfits I Wore While Traveling This Thanksgiving Break

November is the month where fall transitions into winter and you trade cute cardigans in for warmer coats and turtlenecks. This Thanksgiving Break I traveled to Germany, Rome, and New York. Here are the 5 outfits that I wore to keep me cute and cozy. 

  1. 1. Airport Essentials

    Airplanes are dry and uncomfortable, so I always make sure I wear an outfit that I don’t mind sitting in for a couple of hours. A trusty pair of leggings with a white long sleeve shirt and a jean jacket is my go-to outfit. It’s comfortable and easy to move around in, and is a simple combination that looks good on everyone.

  2. 2. Black Turtleneck with a Scarf

    A black turtleneck is a staple clothing item for the winter. It’ll keep you warm and pairs well with virtually everything. To accessorize, I like to sport a scarf that’s color-coordinated with my bottoms to keep my neck extra warm, and to spice up an otherwise plain outfit.  

  3. 3. Layers, Layers, Layers

    If you want to experiment with layering different articles of clothing, a fitted turtleneck and white button-up is the way to go. I wore simple gold jewelry and patterned pants to help break up the solid colors in my tops. To make sure my body didn’t get lost in all the layers, I tucked in my turtleneck and tied my button-up to define my waist.

  4. 4. Comfy Romper

    Jumpsuits make for easy outfits when you’re not sure what to wear, but to winter-proof this one piece, I combined it with the same white button-up from the outfit above. When it’s extra cold, I wear tights underneath for good measure. To keep my ankles warm just in case a draft passes through, I wear thick socks and combat boots or white sneakers that also make the romper seem a little less formal. 

  5. 5. Cute & Cozy Sweater

    When it’s too cold to wear a t-shirt but too warm to wear a coat, a thick knitted sweater is the perfect clothing choice. The pearl detailing on the sleeves really caught my eye so to continue the theme, I accessorized accordingly with pearl earrings and a cute pearl-studded clip. Since there was a lot going on with my top and accessories, I kept the bottom simple with ripped blue jeans and a pair of comfy white shoes. 

These outfits are easy to pack since they revolve around a couple of simple clothing items, so you can mix and match things to create different looks and save more space in your luggage for souvenirs. So, have fun sightseeing and rest assured that if you happen to take a pic for the gram, your outfit will be on point. Safe travels, loves!

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