The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Guy—Meet John DeLucia

You may have heard him playing in the pep band or singing in BU’s only all-male acapella group, the Dear Abbeys, but you haven’t heard his unique story.

John DeLucia was born the morning of September 11, 2001 in Long Island, New York. 

DeLucia shared how the hospital officials attempted to escort his mother out of the hospital to make way for the incoming patients from the attacks. 

And the rest of his story is just as extraordinary.

At the age of 18, DeLucia has held more jobs than most people do in their lifetime. An accomplishment, DeLucia attributes to his father’s advice: “Don’t be afraid to ask.” 

He’s been a tutor, a paid guitarist, a paid photographer, a camp counselor, a manager, and a head cook.

He shared the saga involving one of his first jobs at “The Burger Shack,” a small diner located in Long Island. The tale is straight out of a comedy film, complete with an evil boss and the hard-working hero. 

DeLucia told of one incident in which he had painted the whole restaurant overnight at the behest of the restaurant owner. But the next day, DeLucia’s manager sprayed ketchup all over the walls to tarnish the new coat. Rude. 

In addition to these adventures in the workforce, DeLucia managed to maintain several impressive extracurricular activities. He has mastered the electric guitar, baritone horn, sousaphone, slide trombone, and French horn. He can sing and photograph as well. 

Photo credit: John DeLucia

DeLucia is a modern Renaissance man — a Renaissance man who recently became an Eagle scout. The highest rank available to a person in Scouts, an Eagle scout achievement is no easy feat. Every scout seeking to achieve this honor must first complete a service project, a project which DeLucia says is all about “delegating” and leadership. For his service project, DeLucia chose to build six bookshelves for a local historical site. He had to raise money, find labor, and delegate effectively — a task that is undoubtedly time-consuming and fulfilling.

But he did it. And you can now see the final result at the Ketcham Inn Book Barn in Long Island. 

Photo credit: John DeLucia

But despite all of his artistic achievements, DeLucia is currently pursuing a double major in Math & Statistics and Economics at Boston University, following a mix-up with admissions. His goals are grounded in reality, realizing that “you have to make money for yourself.” Upon graduation, DeLucia hopes to pursue a career as a Quantitative Financial Analyst for a non-profit fund or firm. 

Ultimately, DeLucia is finding what works best for him in college. He is working, tutoring, singing, and playing. He isn’t necessarily sleeping, but he is maintaining all the activities that matter most to him.

On coming to college, says DeLucia, “I’m in control of what I’m doing — myself and any successes or failures.” 


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