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In college, computers seem to be the go-to in terms of taking notes during class. However, when I look around the classroom, I am more intrigued by the stickers that cover the computers rather than whether they’re Macbooks or PCs. From TV show references to paying homage to hometowns, you can tell a lot about a person from their computer stickers.

Picture Credit: Odyssey

When my Lenovo began to break down at the beginning of the second semester, I was looking forward to new MacBook Pro and investing in a case soon to be covered in stickers. Personally, I focused on my personal mantras such as “go with the flow” and emulating “good vibes”. There are also more subtle references to my vegetarianism or inside jokes between me and my best friends. No matter the context, each sticker shares insight into my life.

In a space as small as a laptop cover, there is greater consideration given to what “earns” a place. Thus, each sticker carries a greater meaning and offers a snapshot of the person who owns it. Whether they accumulate stickers throughout their travels, from their friends, or simply buy what they find interesting, no two laptops are the same.

Picture Credit: Redbubble

Given the significance of laptop stickers, I challenge you to ask someone about theirs. When I talked to my friend about her case, I was intrigued to learn why certain song lyrics resonated with her or how one of the stickers was custom made for her high school graduating class. Through this conversation, of us speaking to each sticker design, it deepened our understanding of one another.

Picture Credit: Etsy

While the trend of expressing interests through stickers has taken hold with teens and college students alike, I doubt it is going away any time soon. Laptops have become just one of the many platforms to share what you are passionate about. I encourage you to engage in this trend or simply ask a friend about their own case. You never know what you might learn about someone.


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