Everyone Needs to Know About Express

We all have that one store in the mall that we’ve never ventured into. It’s either because of negative connotations or because you just don’t know what you could find in there that you’d actually wear. For me, that store was Express.

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But, over Christmas break, desperately looking to replace a torn pair of jeans, I walked in and walked out with more than just denim. Now, it’s one of my favorite stores and a place I can depend on to have something that I’ll want to wear, for any occasion.

While their clothes can still be expensive, they have great sales that can offer up to 70%-80% off. PLUS, they give STUDENT DISCOUNTS (15% off) AND if you join their email list you get a birthday coupon too.

Having been on the hunt for a wool coat, I went into Express in mid-January, intrigued by their red SALE signs. As soon as I walked in, I found a navy dress that I had lusted over before Christmas, marked down from $125 to around $25. Even though I don’t have anywhere to wear it right now, I couldn’t pass up that price.

Then I found their coats section and fell in love with a navy, wool coat with bell sleeves. It also was significantly marked down, costing $60 instead of $160 or so. That coat has become my favorite and I wear it around Boston constantly.

Their jeans are also definitely worth exploring. I have a tricky body type; I’m curvy with short legs which makes jean shopping difficult. With a lot of stores, as the size goes up, so does the length; thus, when I finally find a pair that fits my waist, I end up with pant legs that drag on the floor.

I didn’t have this problem with Express’ jeans. While I did have to cuff the ends about an inch, I did so only for the style factor, not because I had to. The waist fits perfectly; I don’t have to “suck in” to button them and they don’t cut into my hips.

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They have a multitude of different washes, styles, and lengths too, but if you’re looking for something specific, I would order it online. My local Express doesn’t carry an extensive range of sizes, which requires me to dig through piles of miscellaneous jeans and disrupt teetering towers of trousers in order to find my size. Truthfully, this is frustrating, but it’s made slightly better by the fact that once I do find a pair in my size, I know they’ll fit. If I can’t find them in stores, I can always order them and have them shipped to me.

Their jeans don’t break the bank either. Ringing in at around $80 each, Express often does a Buy-One-Get-One deal so you can save a little cash. Honestly, finding pants that fit consistently is a blessing and makes the $80 price tag worth it.

Another plus side is that they also have an extensive suit section for those business babes in need of a killer suit set.

I feel like many people consider Express to be an old lady store, an impression that even the saleswoman shared with me. This assumption couldn’t be more incorrect. They have so many beautiful pieces that are on trend and usually pretty affordable.

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Delanie Fico, a freshman at Boston University, has shopped there for years and believes that “They put...a twist on what’s the ‘in’ fashion trend of the moment, making amazing statement pieces [that are] great quality. Everything they sell is made to make [the customer] feel confident,” which is something she looks for in a store. 

I couldn’t agree with Fico more. With a wide range of inclusive sizing and items from skirts, to dresses, to suits, to shoes, Express has something for everyone. They even have a Men’s department for when you drag the boyfriend along!

Express has easily become my go-to store for whenever I need clothes. Recently I stopped in for a birthday sweater and just this past weekend, a pair of suiting trousers for a business casual event. Regardless of what I need, Express has yet to fail me when it comes to finding cute clothes. I only wish I’d known about them sooner!


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