Essential Clothing Pieces You Need to Splurge On

With the start of the fall semester, I’m sure all of you, as did I, prepared not only with your textbooks and excitement to learn new things but also with a careful scan of your closet. Thought you had nothing to wear? Went shopping just to fill in space? I’ll make your life easier and tell you four things you must have in your closet. Due to their versatility, you’ll be able to create numerous outfits throughout your week without much hassle.

So, what’s the main reason behind spending half of your paycheck on one or two items?


What you spend on yourself is how you’ll ultimately feel. Also, it goes without saying that the quality of items that cost more money is fantastic (not in all cases, but in most).

You’ll develop not love, but respect for the finer things in life, which is important.


Here are my five top pieces…

  • A good quality blazer is the new “to-go” sweater. My personal favorite thing about a blazer is that you can wear it, literally, with everything. Pair it with cute jeans and you’re ready for class. Put on your fav leggings and block heels, and, all of a sudden, you feel comfortable but still cute. Confidence does come from our looks whether you want to admit it or not. Finally, my personal favorite for one of those days when you absolutely don’t want to go out and interact with people at all, pair the blazer with your favorite sweatpants. (My favorite is from All Saints, but unfortunately, they don’t have it online anymore as I think it was an old collection.)
  • A pair of black shorts – once again very, very adaptable. My personal favorite outfit is pairing them with Calvin Klein leggings. They’re semi-light, so you won’t get hot in class but also provide a good warmth on those colder days of fall and winter.

Credit: Zadig & Voltaire

  • A fun skirt. For me, I feel most comfortable if it’s knee-length but also, it’s very hard to find a skirt knee-length that doesn’t make you look like you took it from your grandma. That’s why when I saw this skirt, I just knew I had to get it even though the price made me cry a little in the dressing room.  

Credit: Cotton Citizen

  • An expensive but super plain T-shirt. Recently I found out about the brand Cotton Citizen and I loved it! Their T-shirt material is super soft. I had this shirt in white, but I liked it so much I bought another one in black.
  • Finally, sneakers for every day, everywhere. My personal favorite ones are Nikes. I forgot their exact name but if you go into any Nike store and ask for comfortable, soft everyday shoes, they’ll definitely point you in the right direction.

Remember, if you really want to do this quality over quantity thing, it is ABSOLUTELY okay to save money.

Again, think about its function: If you only have $300 and you’re deciding between a favorite skirt or a cashmere sweater, choose the skirt! During the winter, you can pair it up with a warm pair of leggings and stylish sneakers for comfort, and, of course, in the summer without leggings and with heels. For the cashmere sweater, its only real prime time will be in the colder seasons, and during the summer or spring, even early fall, it will be sitting in your closet. Trust me, for $300, something should be used daily.

Here are some good stores to look at next time: All Saints, Zadig & Voltaire, Equipment, and Johnny Was.


That’s it! I hope I’ve convinced you to view your clothes as an investment instead of part of a mindless activity to do on the weekends.

xoxo, Masha  


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