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The Endless War Between Trump and Clinton

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Let me start off this article by stating my personal political bias: I have never, and will never, consider voting for Donald Trump. Though I identify primarily as a Democrat, I’m open to hearing political views from any perspective. However, this debate has only reiterated my belief that both Hillary Clinton and I possess: a racist, sexist, Islamaphobic person like Trump is “not fit” to rule our country.

The fact that I have described Donald Trump like this should not come as a surprise, or even an exaggeration to anyone. Literally, you can find examples of him possessing all of these negative qualities in this second debate alone. His comments on his sexual assault, saying that him “grabbing [women] by the pussy” and kissing them “because he’s a star” fully exemplify his disregard for women’s safety.

His response to Anderson Cooper about his own words? That we should “focus on ISIS”, and using the women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault as pawns in his own political game instead of actually giving a damn about them. Additionally, his proposition about the “Muslim ban” is an incredibly discriminatory measure—a measure that no one should have to explain why it shouldn’t be enacted.

To me, this debate still left a lingering question: how is anyone still supporting Donald Trump? I understand that there are horribly prejudiced, ignorant people out there, but I see people from my high school and college claiming their support for Trump, and a part of me experiences disappointment. Occasionally, some of these people are people I’ve gotten along with, and I just want to know why they would support someone who is this violently xenophobic and sexist.

Why would you support someone who calls all Mexicans rapists, and refers to forcing himself on women as “locker room talk?” It frustrates me that I can provide this whole explanation to why I won’t vote for Trump, and yet when I ask someone why they aren’t voting for Hillary, their only reply is because she is a “bitch.” That’s sexism at its peak.​

This second debate did nothing but reveal the holes in Donald Trump’s campaign. Though there are flaws in both the candidates’ debates, Clinton attempts to describe her policy changes. Trump, instead, tells the entire United States, that he has a “plan” for Syria and Russia, even though this vague “plan” is something that he has not even talked to his running mate, Mike Pence, about. Despite the fact that I know I am voting for Clinton, I would appreciate listening to the debate if Donald Trump actually had substance in his argument. Being forced to listen to a man whining about being interrupted and called out on his bullshit is not as entertaining.

It makes me disappointed in the state of this country, and how politics has come to be an intense divider. This election has revealed who some people truly are, and what their values are, and that’s what saddens me the most. This debate solidified that we cannot be a nation that lets the powerful ignorance of one be the driving force of our politics.

Maddie is a senior majoring in journalism and public relations in the College of Communication at Boston University. Hailing from suburban Philadelphia, Maddie is incredibly happy to be back in Boston for her fourth year. This year, she's looking forward to spending all of her money on brunch, downing lots of coffee, and of course, writing and editing at Her Campus. Outside of Her Campus, Maddie is involved with her sorority and exploring all of Boston.
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