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Emma Off The Record: Autumn Come Back Edition

Welcome back, everyone! For volume II of my playlist series, I would like to address a topic that I hold very near and dear to my heart, namely, the glorious four seasons. Being the California native that I am, I couldn’t wait to see them for myself when I moved to Boston last year. It sounds cliché, but my fantasy of college on the East Coast went a little something like this: walking to class on a crisp autumn day wearing my favorite plaid pants paired with my coziest sweater as multicolored leaves swirled in the wind around me. Last year, when the Autumn Wonderland I had imagined for so long started to take shape, my whole heart swelled as my dream came true. With a London Fog tea in tow, I was ready for a season full of cool breezes and stunning foliage.

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For most of the summer, I daydreamed about stepping back onto campus and feeling the crunch of leaves beneath my Blundstones. Somehow my brain forgot about the slight delay between the sticky dregs of summer and the cooler temperatures of fall, so I have been patiently waiting for the transition. Unfortunately, the Autumn Equinox has come and gone, and summer shows no sign of leaving. My jaw dropped when I saw this week’s forecast had highs of 80 and lows of 65. Boston, darling, I moved here to escape the eternal springtime of home, so could you please do me a favor and stop pretending to be the West Coast?? With love, Emma.

P.S. Climate change is no joke, so I’m sorry for taking my distress out on you. Humans, it’s time to get our act together.

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These summery days are really dragging me down, but rather than wallowing in my disappointment, I am proactively dedicating this season to cutting down on unnecessary waste––for the trees! Remember that London Fog I mentioned earlier? Well, this year I’m going to be sipping it from my favorite reusable travel mug. This unofficial PSA for zero-waste living is for Mother Nature’s sake, as well as all my fellow fall-lovers who just want sweater weather already! 

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Now, for the musical portion of our show. This week’s playlist honors the season we’ve all been waiting for. There are a few songs that remind me of the first time I ever experienced a real East Coast fall, like Wild Child’s “Pillow Talk” and Beirut’s “Postcards from Italy.” Every time I hear these songs I get this warm and fuzzy feeling inside that brings me back to the glory days of sipping warm apple cider at my favorite corner table in Pavement. I also added a few older tunes with melodies that remind me of soft autumn winds rustling through the trees. Chet Baker’s “Autumn Leaves” shows off the trumpeter’s understated eloquence while The Beatles’s “Mother Nature’s Son” has the kind of picturesque lyrics that make you want to book a ticket to the English countryside.

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The forecast may not reflect my autumn state of mind, but at least I have this playlist to live vicariously through. The fall I’ve been waiting for should be here any day now, so I will patiently await her triumphant return as Billie Holiday’s soothing voice glides through the air.

Until next time,

Emma :)

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Emma is a senior at BU studying Journalism and Gender and Women's Studies in the College of Communications. She's originally from sunny Los Angeles, California. She is an avid fan of local bakeries and making oddly specific Spotify playlists.
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