Emma Jayne (CAS ’18)

Growing up in Chicago with a mom who had a love of vintage collectibles, BU freshman Emma Jayne was inspired to shop thriftlessly. As a kid, she always paired a vintage cardigan with her outfit, but she really started to show her love for fashion in high school. By combining her mom’s vintage style with her own aesthetic, Emma created her unique, edgy, trademark street look.
“I joke around with my friends because I like to shop in the guy’s section of thrift stores," Emma says. "I mainly get shirts and flannels, but I actually just bought a men’s pair of boots at American Eagle. And one of my guy friends always borrows my clothes.”
A t-shirt, a pair of high-waisted pants, a flannel and a pair of boots make up Emma Jayne Seslowsky’s signature style. On her everyday garb, “It’s comfortable and still reflective of me!"(Laughs). Emma also loves accessorizing with jewelry, particularly rings and hoop earrings, and chooses dark lipstick to complete her look.