Eight Things Less Embarrassing than Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad

We’ve all made mistakes. Whether it be from forgetting to lock your car to accidentally riding your bike into a tree (don’t ask), our mistakes tend to be embarrassing, funny anecdotes that we tell at parties to amuse our friends. I know my frequent missteps, from forgetting my job requirements to having a sign fall on me, greatly entertain my friends. However, sometimes we make actual mistakes that are way too embarrassing to cover up. This week, Kendall Jenner is the next celebrity guilty of that phenomenon. Her Pepsi commercial showcased her starring as her modeling self, curing systematic racism and ending police brutality just by handing a cop a Pepsi. The Internet was quick to point out the flaws in the commercial, and Pepsi and Kendall Jenner have had to do some serious damage control. In light of this very public, very embarrassing snafu, let’s celebrate some other, less embarrassing moments —because, honestly, it’d be an (sad) accomplishment to top Kendall’s embarrassment this week.


1. La La Land being awarded Best Picture.

An innocent mistake that could have happened to anyone, but let’s be real — we were all cringing at our TV screens as we saw the La La Land cast accept that they did not win the award. At least in this situation, it was a genuine mix-up — not a conscious decision.


2. Kim’s 72-day marriage.

My favorite thing about Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries is that even her own family roasts her for it. Out of all the cringe-y things the Kardashians have done in the past decade, Kim living this one down won’t happen anytime soon. We’ll see whether that’s the case for Kendall.


3. Kim exposing Taylor Swift.

However, nothing Kim has ever done will top the exposure of Taylor Swift in regards to Kanye West’s song “Famous”. Sorry not sorry, Taylor, your lies caught up to you. This one may be more embarrassing than Kendall just because it was a drawn out process, but both embarrassing moments have impacted how people view their careers. 


4. Steve Harvey Saying the Wrong Name.

Yeah, this goes without explaining why this was bad. However, it was still a genuine mistake and who doesn’t love Steve Harvey? Okay, bad question — pretty sure Miss Colombia hates him.


5. Ross saying “Rachel.”

This is fictional, but holy crap. Will we ever get over when Ross made this MASSIVE flub and caused his second divorce? It only loses its embarrassment when you think about how Ross and Rachel were totally meant to be, so this was going to happen anyway.


6. Hillary Clinton Dabbing.

Now, I’m all for #TeamHillary, but damn. This was just not a good way to get down with the kids, Hils. Maybe Kendall would have been less embarrassed if she had just dabbed instead of insinuating Pepsi could end racism.


7. Mariah Carey pretending not to know JLo.

In yet another addition of celebrity feuds, Mariah Carey maintaining to this day that she does not know superstar Jennifer Lopez is embarrassing, yet deliciously petty. Kendall’s commercial didn’t entertain me — only made me cringe.


8. Kylie Jenner “realizing” things.

On a lesser scale, the younger Jenner sister made a meme out of a very incoherent message about 2016. But honestly, who didn’t realize things in 2016? Who knew Kylie Jenner would be the beacon of light we all needed to see? Way to outshine Kendall, Kylie.


Though an impressive, cringe-worthy list, Kendall Jenner still has a while before she can live down this one. At least Coca-Cola is celebrating.