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Easy Things to Make in Your First Apartment

So, you just got an apartment and you’re starting to miss the dining hall. While most of your friends can stop into West or Hundo Bay after class, you need to go home and make yourself food. It doesn’t have to be hard though; with these simple suggestions you can be eating well all week!


1)   Spaghetti with any sauce

Spaghetti was a staple in your home growing up, because moms knew what we know now, it’s easy! Whether you use marinara, pesto, or just cheese, pasta is a quick meal to make after a long of day of class. Add a veggie and dinner is served!

2)   Chicken Cutlets

One of my favorite foods is a chicken cutlet. I like to make a bunch all at once and keep the extras in the fridge for impromptu chicken sandwiches, on tops of salads, or another meal if you put them in the oven.

3)   Veggie stir-fry

Odd ends of carrots, the nub of a zucchini, a few mushrooms, and you’ve got a meal. Add soy sauce, Asian noodles, and whatever else you’d like to make a yummy dish that comes out different every time. This is also a good choice before going home for breaks. Clear out the fridge and eat healthy.

4)   Fancy grilled cheese

Grilled cheese can be a grown up meal when you add some fancy add-ons. Whether it’s bacon, avocado, or a different cheese than the classic Kraft squares, this super fast meal is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

5)   Pita wraps

Grab some hummus, olives and fresh veggies and you have a healthy Mediterranean inspired dinner! My favorite combo is hummus, cucumbers, kalamata olives and roasted red peppers.

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