Dresses For Formals!

The birds are out and chirping, the weather is getting warmer, and the flowers are starting to bloom. If you’re in a sorority on campus, you know what time it’s getting to be: formal season! The season of formals is upon us ladies and whether you’re going to your own formal or being taken to someone else’s it’s time to pick out a dress. As much as you love your favorite stores, you don’t have the time or the energy to go and try on and pick out a bunch of dresses. We've got your back! Here’s the seven best websites for buying a formal dress for the upcoming season.

Romwe: With new dresses posted every day and most being under $50, this website is perfect to go on to find a hot formal dress, no matter your style. It has a variety of cute dresses for every occasion!

Revolve Clothing: Although this site is more on the expensive side, the dresses are super cute and you can usually find coupons online. They’ve got everything from long formal dresses to shorter cocktail style dresses!

Nastygal: This website is perfect for you if you’re looking for something unique. The dresses here aren’t your average formal dress, and although it’s a little more expensive, the dresses are well worth your money!


Genuine People: These are average priced dresses that are super cute! There’s a lot of lace on this website and really cute bodycons. They don’t have a lot of longer dresses, but if you’re looking for a shorter, cute cocktail dress, don’t look any further!

Lulus: This is the perfect website if you want a mass of options. There’s every type of dress you could possibly want and they’re relatively inexpensive.

Love Culture: These are more hippy-styled dresses so if you want something flowy and light, this is the place for you. The dresses are inexpensive and super cute!

Tobi: It's basically an online warehouse for every possible type of dress. Look here first if you’re looking for a dress. They’re cute, colorful, and young. The dresses are mostly inexpensive and really fun. Tobi is a must look for every girl trying to find a dress!