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Dorm Room Decadence

As I prepared to watch Monday Night TV aka Gossip Girl and 90210, I thought about my favorite snacks and what tasty food would accompany these shows best. Typically I go for something easily accessible that I can buy at CityCo or sneak out of the dining hall but tonight I figured I would test out a few other ideas instead. These two treats are great for The Lazy or The Ambitious. Enjoy!
The Lazy
I absolutely love popcorn, whether it be at a movie or at home watching my favorite TV series. Personally I go with Newman’s Own popcorn, naturally or lightly salted. Over winter break my friend and I had a craving for something sweet and since I didn’t have kettle korn she suggested we add chocolate chips. This snack is perfect for the girl with a sweet and salty craving, here are a few yummy options:

  1. Newman’s Own original or lightly salted popcorn (CityCo, CVS, any grocery store)
  2. Your favorite sweet candy (some options: M&Ms, chocolate/peanut butter chips, marshmallows)  OR
  3. Cinnamon and sugar OR
  4. Parmesan cheese

            Pop the popcorn, because k
ernels are obviously no fun to eat unpopped, and then sprinkle your topping of choice into the bag while contents are still hot. This way your toppings will melt and become one with the popcorn. If you are extra adventurous but still don’t want to put in too much effort, substitute chocolate pieces with something sour like Sour Patch Kids in watermelon or Swedish Fish. It sounds messy but the melted, sour gummy candy is the perfect compliment to the salty, crunchy base. If applicable, pour into a bowl and enjoy!

The Ambitious
Have you ever heard of a Fluffer Nutter Sandwich? Up until recently, I never had but it sounds amazing and can be made in a dorm room (so, bonus!). It takes a little more elbow grease than popcorn but is equally delicious. The perk about this treat is that the ingredients can be used again for another recipe or another night. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 2 slices of bread (any type)
  2. Nutella or peanut butter (or if you’re crazy like me, both), I suggest crunchy
  3. Fluff (that marshmallow stuff that should not allowed to be sold in a container but is)

      *optional: banana
Directions: Take two pieces of bread and spread a different topping or two on one side of each. Then either toast the bread or stick the slices in the microwave for about 15 seconds so that the bread is a little softer and the Nutella and peanut butter have a chance to melt a little bit. If you like banana, slice one banana into thin pieces and put on the bread before sticking the pieces together like a sandwich. Cut and eat up!

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