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Does the La Mer Moisturizer Live Up to the Hype?

La Mer facial creams have been all the rave. Celebrities swear by these products. They are said to make you look younger, keep your skin smooth and leave you blemish-free. These magic elixirs are meant to cure everything from wrinkles and dryness to acne and scars.

The company says that all their products are infused with something they call “Miracle Broth.” It is made up of kelp and added nutrients and minerals, and it is fermented for three to four months. This broth is said to be the reason why La Mer’s products work so well to restore and protect the skin. I decided to test out their moisturizer to see how well it worked, specifically the Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. The price for a bottle ranges from $90 for .5 oz to $335 for 2 oz.


This specific moisturizer is said to target dryness and to restore the skin from any damage. It is ideal for people who have oily or combination skin. Usually, I use just a generic moisturizer, like Cerave, on my face, and that works just fine. I decided to test out the La Mer moisturizer for a week and a half.

The directions on how to use it are very simple – you just use a little pea-sized drop for your entire face in the morning and at night after you wash your face. My first observation was that my skin easily absorbed the moisturizer. There was no oily residue once I applied the cream. Another thing I noticed was that my skin felt refreshed – it was like a burst of cool water all over my face. My face gets irritated very easily so I have to be careful about what I put on it, but I did not have any bad reactions to the La Mer moisturizer. Also, my face gets a lot of red areas because of acne or dryness, and I noticed that the moisturizer helped to calm down those areas. The moisturizer also has a refreshing fragrance, but it is also not a very strong smell, so it should not cause problems for people who are sensitive to scent.

However, there are some faults to the moisturizer. I noticed that it did make my skin softer, but it did not really help with my acne scars. The moisturizer did not have any sunscreen in it like many other moisturizers, so you would have to purchase that separately. Another complaint I have is that the moisturizer is very expensive. Many people may argue that you are paying for quality with these products, and that’s why they have such a big price tag. If I am being honest, I would still be content with my Cerave.


Now the ultimate question: Are the La Mer moisturizers worth it? Truth be told, if you have $300 to spend on a moisturizer, go for it. The products do feel nice on your skin and they last a long time. They get their job done. If you do not have $300 for a moisturizer, other products like Cerave or Cetaphil will work just fine.


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Karla is a sophomore at Boston University majoring in english.
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