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 If you’re just starting to change over your wardrobe for spring and summer and are running into some jeans that are old, stained, or just too short, don’t throw them away! Follow these simple steps and give those old jeans a whole new purpose and turn them into cute jean shorts! This can work with dark jeans, light jeans or even colored jeans, and it’s so easy you’ll never have to buy a pair of jean shorts again.


Decide what length you want your new shorts. If you’re not quite sure, hold them up to another pair of shorts that have a length you like and measure where you want the shorts to be. Mark where the new bottoms will be with chalk or something that can come off after you’re finished.


Cut them! You will then want to cut the jeans at the line you have marked. Or even a half an inch longer just incase you’re worried about making them too short. That way, you can try them on after and be sure about the length and cut more from there. Use a good pair of scissors that are meant for a tough fabric like denim. Dull scissors will leave edges uneven. If you’re going for the “frayed” look then rough up the bottoms a little by throwing them in the washing machine or pulling at the strings to make the bottoms look scragglier.

STEP 3: (optional but fun!)

Add some personal touches to your new shorts with lace, fabric, or bleach.


Get some cheap fabrics scraps and add them to the pockets or hems with extra strong washable fabric glue, or, if you’re really crafty, you can sew them.


Like with the fabric, it looks really cool to add some lace to the back pockets, front pockets, or over the side of the shorts. Just cut a triangle out of the side hem and add a lace overlay.


Dip dye shorts (like the ones in the picture) look really cool but take a little more work. You’ll need to do it outside on a nice day to make sure you don’t stink up your room or spill on anything important. Fill a bucket up with bleach and little bit of water. Stick a ruler or yardstick through the belt loops of the shorts so it can rest on the bucket still dipped in the bleach and leave them for a half hour. After, take them out and let them sit in another bucket with half vinegar and half water, as this will set the bleach. Throw them in the dryer and your new dip-dyed shorts are good to go!

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