Disneyland vs. Disneyworld: Which Theme Park Will Win?

First off, Disneyland and Walt Disney World are both amazing and I promise that no matter the theme park, you will have a spectacularly magical time! Although, since I have been to both I think I can tell you what park deserves more attention and hype. 


The Breakdown

The main differences I noticed about the two theme parks were the rides featured in each park and the size of the two parks. 


Walt Disney World

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WDW has four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These theme parks each have their own attractions, dining experiences, and character photo-ops. Due to the size of WDW, the parks are separated so visitors will take shuttle buses to and from the parks or hotels. 



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Disneyland only has two parks: Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure. These two are not as spread out as the parks at WDW so it is very easy to walk from one park to the other. Also, if you stay in the Grand Californian Hotel then you can walk right into California Adventure from your hotel! 


The Rides

Both WDW and Disneyland have similar rides but they also each have their own unique attractions. 


Walt Disney World

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WDW has 26 unique attractions including Kilimanjaro Safaris (a fast-paced rollercoaster), Test Track, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I absolutely love the rides at WDW because there are so many different options but it does seem to have more rollercoaster/fast-paced rides so if you are visiting with little kids, then WDW might not be the best option. 



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Disneyland has 32 unique attractions including Matterhorn, Radiator Spring Racers, and Guardian of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout. In the past few years, Disneyland has really upped their game in the rides department. Pixar Pier was recently introduced which includes an Incredibles rollercoaster and an Inside Out ride. 


Other Factors

There are many other differences between the two parks but there are a few factors that could play a role in deciding which park to visit.

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If you like to watch shows or plays, then WDW is going to be a better option because it has 21 shows for you to pick from while Disneyland only has 6. Don’t worry about the nighttime shows/fireworks because both parks have the same number: 4! 

If you are over 21, then WDW might be your favorite because you are allowed to drink alcohol. Disneyland remains a pretty dry place. 

WDW also has these magic bands which act as a Fast Pass, a hotel key card, your ticket to the park, and a credit card. All you have to do is swipe it and your dreams will come true!


The Decision 

Now having said all that, I will reveal to you what the best Disney park is! 





This may come as a surprise with everything I just listed but Disneyland will always be THE Disney park. When you walk in, there is this old-timey charm that you instantly feel and it transports you to a different place. Disneyworld is so spread out that you focus more on the inconvenience of having to get around than on the magic. Disneyland also has more unique rides and some of the rides have been there since the start while some are more recent. Best of both worlds! 



While some may not agree with my decision, that is okay because at the end of the day we are arguing over Disney theme parks, which is what true Disney buffs do!


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