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There are a ton of new Disney movies coming out this year, which means lots of popcorn and magical moments in the theater. However, it also means making sure you get to the movies before the swarm of toddlers and exhausted parents get there. Those children probably haven’t even seen The Incredibles! Why are they here to see The Incredibles 2?! Let’s be honest– we’re going to get to the theater first because we grew up on the original films. Yes, we’re basically adults—but who cares? Disney’s for everyone.

1. The Incredibles 2

Photo Credit: Den of Geek

We have waited 14 years (14 years!!!!) for the sequel to The Incredibles. After that length of time, you bet I’m going to be first in line at the midnight premiere. The trailer promises more adventure and humor, and of course, features Frozone’s wife (“Where are you going ASAP? You better be back ASAP!”). This highly anticipated film hits theaters June 15.

2. Christopher Robin

Photo Credit: EW

This trailer brought. me. to. tears! This movie features Christopher Robin all grown up, but he becomes reunited with his tubby, yellow pal once again. It seems to be a story about never letting go of your childhood and life-long friendship. Christopher: “I’ve cracked.” Pooh: “Oh, I don’t see any cracks. A few wrinkles, maybe.” Bring on the tissues August 3!

3. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Photo Credit: Glamour 

This movie seems to be a dark, mysterious spin on the original. Clara, the main character, finds herself in a new world where darkness is looming at every turn—much like Alice in Wonderland or A Wrinkle in Time. In fact, the costuming and cinematics remind me very much of films Disney has recently released, including the two above and the costuming from Beauty and the Beast’s opening scenes. We’ll just have to see how unique this version of The Nutcracker is on November 2.

4. Mary Poppins Returns

Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

While a very unexpected sequel, Mary Poppins is coming back to theaters! If you’re a long-time fan of this magical story, you may be a bit skeptical that the second movie will fall short of the original. However, it includes actors such as Lin-Manuel Miranda so my hopes are pretty high! The sequel to the classic hits theaters December 25, just in time to be added to this list!

There are many, many more movies coming out this year from Disney, including additions to the Star Wars and Marvel lines. I can’t wait to see these movies, especially the ones listed above. And before I head off to the theater—Where is my super suit!?


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