Discover Quickly — the New App that Makes Finding New Music Faster

While I’m always on the hunt for new music, I’ve found it hard to find time to actually find new music. Usually, I’m not in the mood to put in effort and try new genres, or I’m overwhelmed at where to start.

Luckily, the website Discover Quickly fixes that issue. It works with Spotify to play previews starting from the middle of tracks, as well as suggest similar songs and artists. Users can click and easily export songs to their own playlists, and the feature works with any playlist, so you can browse your friends’ playlists quickly as well.

Though it’s not affiliated with Spotify, it was developed by Spotify designers Aliza Aufrichtig and Edward Lee at the company’s annual Hack Week.

In an interview with Gizmodo, Aufrichtig says she was looking for an easier way to quickly browse through many songs and used the Spotify Web API to develop the concept for Discover Quickly. Lee compares it to “rabbit hole of music, like getting lost on Wikipedia.”

While the features offered are nothing Spotify itself doesn’t offer, the streamlined process makes it far easier.


Since finding Discover Quickly, I’ve finally begun adding to my playlists again, archiving songs I’ve always skipped anyway, and browsing my friends’ playlists as well. Still not sure if I’ve saved any time with the website because I’m spending more time listening to new artists, but it’s definitely made the walk to class better.


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