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Devon Carelli SMG‘14

 Hometown: Hollis, NH
Year: Sophomore
School: SMG
Major: Finance & International Management
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Relationship Status: Single

Devon is a teaching assistant for SM299: Management as a System. Along with a passion for business, Devon has a hidden interest in marine biology!

 HCBU: What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Devon: My hobbies include snowboarding, pretending I can sing and running. My interests are in the stock market and physics.
HCBU: Are you involved in any clubs at BU?
Devon: No clubs. I am a TA though if that counts!

HCBU: Do you have any siblings?
Devon: Yes. I have two older sisters named Christine and Alex. Alex is currently the director of a non-profit organization in New York City and Christine is the sales rep for Volcom Stone in New England and NYC.
HCBU: Who are your favorite musical artists?
Devon: My favorite musical artists are Tom Petty, Whiz Khalifa, Our Last Night (which is my best friend’s band, check them out!), and many more. Honestly I really have too many favorite artists, butthose are the ones I listen to most. My music taste is super eclectic… If it sounds good to me, I listen to it. I try not to stick exclusively to any specific genres.
HCBU: What one song describes your life?
Devon: Wake Up by The Arcade Fire. There are a lot of songs that I could say describe my life, but this one is one of the most relevant right now - "I guess [I'll] just have to adjust."
HCBU: Who is your celebrity crush?
Devon: Celebrity crush is Miranda Kerr, one of the hottest girls ever.

HCBU: What did you want to be when you grew up as a kid?
Devon: Well I always loved trains, so probably Thomas the Train Engine for most of my childhood. Then I grew up; and I wanted to be a hedge fund manager. I spent most of my teenage years wanting to be Warren Buffet, who I still do idolize. Then I grew up again, and I've since discovered that I'm not sure what I want to be. My dream profession would be in Marine Biology. I have discovered that I love the ocean, mostly thanks to my love for National Geographic... Although I doubt that is super unique, it’s something that probably contradicts my major!


HCBU Director of Public Relations/Writer
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