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Denim for Days

One thing I am absolutely positive about in life is that jeans will never go out of style. Trust me, they just won’t. Even 9,000 years from now, when the world is ending, we will all be wearing jeans. The analogy I use to best explain the importance of jeans is their similarity with pizza. Pizza has been around forever and I believe 99% of the world loves it. There used to be just the basics; cheese, pepperoni, veggie etc. Nowadays there are more types of pizza than shoes in my closet (that is a lot). They even have breakfast and dessert pizzas! Jeans are the same way. No, there are no breakfast or dessert jeans (although I tend to wear my stretchiest pair during these meals) but there are so many different styles available. From the boyfriend jean to the skinny jegging and everything in between. Due to the stress that having so many options can cause, I am going to narrow it down for you, giving you the best brand for each style. You’re welcome.

The classic (and classy) dark denim:

Rag & Bone

*can be found here: http://www.rag-bone.com/Skinny/pd/cl/8154/np/302/p/3413.html


The lightly distressed light wash denim:


*can be found here: http://www.shopbop.com/looker-skinny-jean-mother/vp/v=1/845524441953091….


The comfiest light wash denim:


*can be found here:http://www.agjeans.com/the-legging-ankle-20-years-etesian/d/8853_c_15


The boyfriend jean:

Rag & Bone

*can be found here: http://www.rag-bone.com/Boyfriend_Jean/pd/c/2037/np/2037/p/5311.html

I searched for so long for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. These are perfect.

The black denim:


*Can be found here: http://www.jbrandjeans.com/811_MidRise_Skinny_Leg_in_Black/pd/cl/3658/np…


The white denim:

Rag & Bone

*can be found here: http://www.rag-bone.com/Skinny_/pd/cl/6627/np/302/p/3051.html


These are styles you can’t go wrong with. However, if there was one brand I would recommend overall it would be Rag & Bone. Hands down. Their jeans are super comfortable and unique.

Happy jean hunting!

Stay stylish BU.

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