A Definitive Ranking of the Crispy Chicken Sandwiches in the Warren Towers Dining Hall

If the long lines in the dining hall are any indication, my roommate and I aren’t the only ones who would agree that the crispy chicken sandwiches are one of the best items that Warren Towers dining hall has to offer. Yet, despite their collective deliciousness, they can’t all be the best. Here’s my personal ranking of all the crispy chicken sandwiches the dining hall has to offer (this list goes from worst to best).

  1. 1. Buffalo Blue

    While I do like blue cheese sometimes (especially in blue cheese dressing), I usually pass on buffalo flavored foods. 

    Mikky’s input (my roommate): I like the buffalo sauce, not a fan of the blue cheese though.

  2. 2. Barbeque Cheddar

    The barbeque sauce is pretty good, but the cheddar cheese doesn’t really taste like much, and I personally think it adds a weird texture.

    Mikky’s input: I think this one might be my favorite… might.

  3. 3.  Crispy Chicken Sandwich

    Sandwich on table

    This one is good because you can add whatever sauce you want to it, but it’s fairly boring on its own.

    Mikky’s input: You can’t go wrong with this one.

  4. 4. Nashville Hot


    People who know me might be surprised to see this one near the top of the list, because I’m really not a fan of spicy food. Yet this one just… isn’t spicy? I’m not really sure why, but it simply tastes great.

    Mikky’s input: This was definitely my favorite last year, but this year I think the sauce is too sweet.

  5. 5. Avocado Ranch


    The avocado-ranch dressing on this chicken is by far my favorite. You know it’s going to be a good day when this sandwich is on the menu.

    Mikky’s input: I really like this one too!

The truth is, you can’t go wrong with any of these sandwiches. They sure do attract a crowd, but waiting in the long line for them is most definitely worth it.

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