A Definitive Ranking of Boom Chicka Pop’s Holiday Popcorn Flavors

The holiday season isn’t complete without holiday-themed food items. This year, Boom Chicka Pop did not disappoint with their variety of popcorn flavors. Here’s my ranking of the flavors (with input from my roommates!):

  1. 1. Hot Cocoa Marshmallow

    Hot chocolate

    Of all the flavors, this one is the one I went back to the store to buy again. It has chocolate and marshmallow drizzle, and the marshmallow one actually tastes like marshmallows! I was expecting it to be more like chocolate and vanilla, but I was not disappointed.

    Roommate opinions!

    Mikky: “This one tastes like Lucky Charms!”

    Jenna: “I thought it was yummy, but I wanted more of a chocolate flavor.”

  2. 2.  Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

    Okay, this one isn’t technically a seasonal flavor, but CityCo marketed it like it was, and it’s honestly just so delicious. If you’re looking for basic chocolate drizzled popcorn, this is an amazing option.

    Roommate opinions!

    Mikky: “This one is for someone who thinks they have mature taste preferences.”

    Jenna: “This one was my favorite! I really like dark chocolate, so this one was the best.”

  3. 3. Candy Corn

    Look, I know candy corn is a controversial candy, but I actually like it. The popcorn definitely tasted like candy corn, but in a much more subtle way than the actual candy. It was just the right amount of sweet.

    Roommate opinions!

    Mikky: “It reminded me of cotton candy somehow.”

    Jenna: “This one lived up to its name. I wouldn’t buy it again, but I’d eat it if someone else bought it.”

  4. 4. White Chocolate Peppermint

    Candy Canes Ornaments Christmas

    I think I would’ve liked this one more if it was dark chocolate peppermint. The peppermint flavor was a bit too strong for me (even though I love mint candy), but mint and popcorn isn’t my favorite flavor combination.

    Roommate opinions!

    Mikky: “This one was my favorite! This was surprising for me because I don’t tend to like mint flavored foods.”

    Jenna: “This was my second favorite. If it was mixed with the dark chocolate one, it would be perfect.”

  5. 5. Frosted Sugar Cookie

    Person Baking Cookies on Tray

    This one really just tasted like normal kettle corn, maybe a bit sweeter. That’s all there is to say about it. It was fine, but not special.

    Roommate opinions!

    Mikky: “This is just kettle corn flavored kettle corn.”

    Jenna: “It’s good, but if you want this flavor, just go buy regular kettle corn.”

  6. 6. Pumpkin Spice

    I wasn’t a fan of this one, honestly. It wasn’t sweet enough the way I expected it to be. However, I’ve honestly never been a big fan of pumpkin spice flavored things, so if you’re a die-hard pumpkin spice lover, this one is still worth a try.

    Roommate opinions!

    Mikky: “This would taste good with a Starbucks drink with pumpkin cream cold foam.”

    Jenna: “It’s like if you had some sort of pumpkin spice latte powder on kettle corn.”

I loved trying the variety of popcorn flavors this year, and I’ll definitely be buying a bunch of them again next holiday season. Happy snacking!

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