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Cute & Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials You Can Pull Off at the Last Minute

Makeup tutorials can sometimes be more difficult than expected– especially trickier makeup for Halloween. Here are a few hand-picked tutorials that will spruce up your Halloween costume, and won’t cause you extra stress! 

(click images to access full video tutorial)

Minnie Mouse 

Beauty blogger teanabeauty_xo offers makeup, hair and an outfit idea that puts a little twist on the original Minnie Mouse costume. This look is very easy to achieve— only basic makeup and hair skills are necessary.  


MakeupByAlli shows you how to achieve a glamorous look that’s perfect for sprucing up a mermaid costume. The makeup is more advanced, but does not require a lot of precision. This is a look that would be easy to alter according to your individual style and color preferences.  


This tutorial by the Beautie and the Blondie takes a basic Halloween costume and makes it way cuter and more fun. The makeup goes beyond the nose and whiskers, but is not so advanced that you’ll end up frustrated. 


If you’re looking for a more advanced look, try out this sugar skull-inspired makeup tutorial. This look requires more artistic abilities rather than makeup abilities. Although it is a full-face look, it does not require any heavy costume makeup that could cause breakouts. 

Tinker Bell 

This look (and video) are much more elaborate, but since all you really need to be Tinker Bell is a green dress and some wings, this look will help take your costume to the next level! There is a lot of makeup involved, but the techniques used are easy for beginners.   
Olivia Shur is a student at Boston University. She enjoys food, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and watching cat videos when she really should be studying. She is a PR major in the College of Communication.
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