The Coolest Way to Spend a Sunday in Boston

Sundays are an enigma. I can never decide what to spend them doing. Do I sleep in and get some homework done? Do I clean my dorm room? Do I spend the day mourning the loss of the weekend? The possibilities are endless, which is the essential problem with Sundays.

A few weeks ago, while complaining about the limitlessness of the day, a friend of mine made me aware of her favorite Sunday pastime. The conversation went something like this: “ I really like going to SoWa on Sundays, have you ever been?” “So-what?” “SoWa!” “So-WHAT?” “SoWA!”

After the initial confusion about the name of the event, I finally got to ask her what it is. SoWa is an open market that provides a place for local artists, musicians, and farmers in the Boston area to sell their product. It happens every Sunday between May and October from 10 am to 4 pm in the SoWa art and design district. This is its fifteenth year! I went for the first time last week, and my roommate and I are planning on going until the end of October.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the school part of college that we forget we live in one of the most vibrant and amazing cities in the country. By going to SoWa, I feed my brain with fashion, art, and music, and feed my stomach with the awesome food from food trucks and farmers market stands. It’s a great way to take advantage of the location of Boston University and get to know the city better.

The feeling of walking through the beautiful stands, intricate displays, and enticing smells shows me how all the different pieces of this incredible city can come together. The whole experience makes me feel like I’m flying, and I go back to campus feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week.

Next time you find yourself bored and conflicted about how to spend your Sunday, grab a friend and check out SoWa! For more information, check out SoWa’s website!


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