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College Horror Story: My Lost Makeup Bag

It happened at sorority recruitment. The weekend was so rewarding and fun. But it was also hectic, punctuated with minimal sleep, and rounded-off with a lost voice and a dire need for caffeine. The four-day weekend was drawing to a close. As one of my sorority sisters and I packed up and headed for our dorms, we prepared to tackle the homework we’d neglected over the weekend.   

I had the idea to stop by Starbucks, in an effort to get the necessary caffeine-boost that would allow me to at least stay up a few more hours and get some work done before taking on the new week. As I was about to order my grande chai tea latte, I found myself rummaging around in my bag. Unable to locate my wallet, I suddenly panicked and realized that I had left it somewhere. I also was not in the mood to go on the hunt for it.  I started haphazardly throwing shoes, clothes — you name it out — of my bag, trying to find my wallet, when I eventually spotted it hiding at the bottom. And somewhere in my frustrated search, I must have taken out my makeup bag. And as I set my sights on ordering my chai tea latte, I must have left it behind.   

I was in an absolute frenzy later that night when I realized my makeup bag, filled with over $200 worth of brushes and cosmetics I’d collected over the years, was nowhere to be found. After several texts, Facebook posts, and calls trying to locate my bag, I eventually resigned myself to the fact that it was long gone. Now I just had to figure out how I was going to replace it all, or at least the make-up lover’s necessities, without breaking the bank.  

I started my journey at CVS, hoping that drugstore makeup was the cheapest solution to my tragic dilemma. After picking up a few staple products – foundation, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner, concealer, eyelash curler, brushes – I approached the cash register confident that I wasn’t spending too much.  That was until the cashier told me my total.  

“72.95,” the cashier said, beginning to bag my items. I stood there, dumbfounded that I’d racked up such an impressive total on drugstore makeup.   

“What were the most expensive items?” I asked, trying to mentally eliminate a few not-totally-necessary purchases. I ended up ditching the individual brushes, highlighter, and bronzer, figuring I’d go to Sephora the following day and hopefully get a discount by buying bulk sets rather than individual products.  

The next day I ventured downtown to Sephora, carrying a tiny Post-it note scrawled with only the necessities I needed to replace. Wandering up and down aisles jam-packed with thousands of glistening products, each boasting promises to make you just that much more beautiful, I plucked items from my list off the shelves.  Meanwhile, I found myself consistently stunned by the steep prices. Had makeup always been this expensive?  

I left Sephora that day toting a signature black and white bag of purchases totaling out at $117, a cringe-worthy price to pay for my lost makeup bag. 

Moral of this makeup-lover’s tragedy? Keep your wallet close, and your makeup bag closer.   

Lexa is a junior at Boston University, studying Journalism in the College of Communication. You can often find her sipping on an iced coffee and trying to take an artsy photo that fits her Instagram aesthetic. Lexa hopes she can someday combine her passions for fashion, art, dance, and writing into a career, but for now, she'll be strolling down Comm Ave trying to make #LifeasLexa a personal brand.
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