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Clothes You Can Only Wear in Early Fall

It’s that beautiful time of year when there’s a slight chill in the air, but the warmth of summer still lingers. The layering of fall fashion provides so many opportunities for outfit creativity. And in the early fall, the layers are purely in the name of fashion because you don’t need to dress for the cold yet. Here are six adorable clothing pieces that thrive in the early fall…and are a lot less fun in the winter.

Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are still a huge trend this season and the ideal fall shoe. While they can be worn over jeans or tights as it gets colder, they’ll always look best with a bare leg.

Open Toe Booties

You can still show off your summer pedicure with an adorable peep-toe shoe. However, once it starts getting cold and snowy, they’re not so cute. Such a sadly short life for such a beautiful shoe style.

Sleeveless Sweaters

So unpractical, but such a look.

Distressed Sweaters

Once winter hits, the wind will blow right through the holes of your sweater (The Neighbourhood plays softly in the background). But for now, it adds the perfect amount of edge to your outfit.

Fishnet Tights

Speaking of edgy, fishnets add an unexpected twist to an outfit (though they provide absolutely no warmth.)

Mesh Leggings

A great way to bring some style to your workouts, but not so great when the temperature starts dropping.

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