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Charlotte Parker: BU’s Dining Hall Connoisseur

Name: Charlotte Parker
Hometown: Morristown, NJ
Class: 2015
School: CGS
Sign: Capricorn
Claim to fame:
On her blog www.makemetasty.blogspot.com, Charlotte provides recipes and tips to make delicious meals using different ingredients from the dining hall in an innovative way.
How did you come up with the idea for this blog?
I was sitting in the dining hall with my friend one day talking to her about it and telling her my recipes when she told me that I should make a blog. Nowadays it’s so easy to start one so that night I just decided to make it and it’s just taken off from there.
What has the response been so far?
It’s been a really great response. About a week after I started it I was so surprised because it had like 1000 views. A lot of them were probably me, but still that’s a lot! I have random people coming up to me telling me that they love my blog, and I’m just like how do you even know about it?! And I’m in DG so I posted it on the Delta Gamma Facebook page and the amount of people that liked it was amazing. I’ve started getting special requests too, like for vegetarian recipes, and that’s really cool.
When making new recipes do you specifically decide what you want to make or is just random?
Well, it’s hard because it all depends on what’s in the dining hall. It’s a little bit limiting, so sometimes it’s just a random idea, and sometimes it’s premeditated.
What’s your favorite recipe off of your blog?
Oh, hands down the granola, peanut butter, and yogurt. It’s so good. I have to have it at least once a day. I’ll have it for breakfast and if I don’t, I have it with dinner.
What’s your favorite non-dining hall food?
I love pesto. I hate how they don’t have it in the dining hall. My mom always makes pasta with pesto and if there was one thing I could add to the dining hall that would be it. 
What are your future plans for the blog?
I think it’s really important to make sure that it’s updated frequently, obviously. I’m in CGS and I wasn’t really sure what school I wanted to go into but since starting the blog, a lot of people have told me that I could be on the Food Network and that I should be in COM.  I think the blog is a good way to create something of my own and really showcase what I can do.

My spirit animal is the honey badger.
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