Chad Stakutis (SMG '15)

Chad Stakutis is a busy guy. He’s the type of BU student who seems to know everybody because he’s participated in dozens of student groups and programs around campus. He’s a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon, an RA in Warren Towers, has been a tour guide for Admissions, and has been a member of Orientation and FYSOP staff. He has also worked for BU Dining and Sunset Cantina.  He says that his favorite part of BU is the astonishingly beautiful weather all year long. He’s fiercely ambitious and loves a challenge. Chad is in the School of Management concentrating in finance and accounting and is also minoring in philosophy. He loves to read and his favorite book is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig, which he swears is really well known and good.

This cutie thrives on excitement and adrenaline. He goes on runs with other members of the Warren RA staff and hopes to run in the Boston Marathon next year. He’s been training hard and even jogged back from Tavern in the Square to Warren after a night out (now that’s commitment!).  He participates in intermural soccer with his fraternity brothers and is looking forward to this year’s season. As if he couldn’t get any more interesting, Chad also has a piloting license. The last time he was home, he flew a plane to pick his sister up from her college in New York.

Chad has a few pet peeves. “One of my pet peeves is when people in my law class think they’re on Law and Order, or when people try to outsmart the whole class. Also, when people are faker than I am.” Cue hair flip.  After some thought, Chad added some more, “When people just stand on the Warren escalators and walk around campus really slowly like they have no place to go.”

Chad loves to laugh and have a good time. He looks for friends that are as outrageous as he is. “I like friends who will say daring things and aren’t afraid of pointing out the pink elephant in the room and laughing at it with me.”

For a love-interest, Chad looks for someone who is dynamic, modest and intelligent. Where would he take his dream date? He’d want to take his date to a dinner at Faneuil Hall, followed by a Saturday night at Estate or the House of Blues and ending hanging out with his fraternity brothers.

Chad is hilarious and a moment with him is never a dull one. A night out with him is full of laughs and filled with stories from his exciting life. After all, in his own words, “I’m like BU’s 1 percent.”