A Californian’s Guide To Surviving East Coast Weather

The weather in Boston is anything but consistent. First, it’s hot. Then, it’s cold. We’re living in a Katy Perry song and it sucks— especially for the California girls who are used to 75 degrees year round! In SoCal, the weather is usually the same: warm and sunny. If it rains in SoCal, people panic. If it snows in SoCal...well, it just doesn’t. So what do you do when you come from a state of constant summer to a city that just had a record breaking winter? Here are four tips for dealing with Boston’s weather: 

1. No Doubt, No Drought 

Yes, California is in a drought. But Boston is not! In fact, it rains so much that some of us are ready to build an arc. Californians: bring an umbrella with you if there is even a 10% chance of rain! You don’t want to dry your clothes with the communal bathroom hand dryer seconds before class starts. Rain boots and raincoats are also a nice addition to your wet weather wardrobe. Plus, they can’t blow away when it’s windy. 

2. The Onion Approach  

We don’t really have seasons in SoCal. We know it’s the end of summer when people start ordering pumpkin spiced lattes and wearing cute scarves (even though it’s 70 degrees). In Boston, seasons are real and you need to dress for them. But the weather also changes a lot within each season. In one day, you can go from sweating to freezing. How do us weather wusses deal? Layering! Even if it seems warm outside, bring a jacket or a scarf with you.  

3. Material Girl 

Yes, layering is important. But there is no point in layering with flimsy material that does nothing to help with the rain, wind, or snow. Being conscious about the material you layer with can make life so much cooler. Wool and fleece are particularly helpful for the cold. Also noteworthy: water resistant is not the same as waterproof. 

4. Money Matters (But Not That Much) 

Winter is expensive. Why? Because clothes are expensive and you need more clothes in the winter. In summer, less is more. A Sundress is cheaper than buying a scarf, gloves, hats, jackets, winter boots, etc. So what is a girl suppose to do? Buy them! Just because you’re budget is low, don’t skimp on the essentials. Sure, try not to spend tons on a scarf (unless your dad’s wallet allows it) but still buy a scarf. And spending more now might even save more later (after all, you have at least four winters of college to endure).  

But don’t worry about the weather too much! The weather in Boston leads to many instagrammable moments. Besides, you don’t get snow days in SoCal!