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Caitlin Harper: Boston University Blogger

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Personal style sets people apart. Finding your unique personal style is an important step in finding your identity and boosting your confidence, which is an important factor of a healthy college experience. This is exactly what Caitlin Harper (CAS ’19) and her hometown best friend Kell aim to do – help young women through their fashion blog, Beatnik Bold.

“My best friend Kell and I have been thinking about a fashion blog since way before we were fashionable,” Caitlin admits.

This summer they decided to give their ideas an internet address, and create a fashion blog for women everywhere. Since then, it has been welcomed with open arms by students at BU, Kell’s school Penn State and campuses across the country.

Beatnik Bold has especially gained popularity its DIY and styling articles. Caitlin excitedly stated, “I’ve actually met new people from them tagging me in their own DIYs.”Caitlin and Kell sporting their DIY denim.

Beatnik Bold focuses on catering to every price range, body size, body shape, and race. This concept is reflected in Caitlin’s personal style. She loves to find affordable pieces at thrift stores, Free People and LF (but strictly during their sale season). She combines these items with more expensive pieces to make “the look polished and balanced.”

Her outfit is not the only thing that Caitlin balances. She is balancing a full workload as a neurobiology major and sister of Alpha Phi, as well as managing, editing, and writing for Beatnik Bold. Caitlin claims, “I normally change multiple times a day just because I love dressing up, which, although self-indulgent, helps me keep creative and thinking of new blog ideas.” Caitlin and her friends use the weekend to shoot for posts and spend extra time during the week planning and writing.

As for fall fashion, Caitlin loves all things denim. Whether it’s a full-denim ensemble a la Britney and Justin, or a few touches, she is having fun layering and mixing textures. In addition, she is on the lookout for the perfect shearling bomber jacket.


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I am an Atlanta-raised writer living in Boston. I have had a fixation with magazines, pop culture and styling my whole life.
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