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The BU vs. BC Rivalry


Boston University and Boston College both share Commonwealth Ave., the Green Line and a love for hockey. But the similarities between these two rivals pretty much end there. A hatred for BC is basically a requirement for BU students, as essential as a meal plan or unlimited Convenience Points. So why do the BU Terriers actually loathe the BC Eagles?

“Safety School”

The favorite and unoriginal chant that BC students love to scream at sports games. BC students have always reminded BU students about their more elite and exclusive acceptance rate. However, as of 2013, BC’s rate is only 5% lower than BU’s rate. We’re also only ten spots behind BC on the U.S. News & World Report’s list of best colleges, and we continue to gain spots every year.


BC is not even in Boston. BU is the real owner of Comm. Ave., with a campus that is actually located on a city street. If we’re naming our schools based on location, shouldn’t it be called Chestnut Hill College?


Patagonias, Timberlands and backward baseball caps. The BC boy is the official prepster of the Northeast. Give us something to look at on the T other than the back of your Vineyard Vines T-shirt, please.


The number one cause of the “Green Line Rivalry.” The BC Eagles were BU’s first ever hockey opponent, and the two teams have faced off 265 times since. BU currently holds the lead, with a record of 129-119-17 against BC. However, Terriers are left with a bitter taste in their mouth this year about BC after their loss in the Beanpot.

“It sucks to BU”

BC’s number one go-to insult. Not only is this phrase overused, but it’s also completely false. BU is the bigger, bolder, badass version of BC. We’re the true rulers of Comm. Ave., defending our turf and proving that it most certainly does not suck to BU. 

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